To do 2009; 4.

During this year I want to try new things. It can be food. It can be an activity. It can be almost anything. I don’t want to be stuck in old tracks. However, I take it easy the first time. And start with an easy target; three new things during a year.

I didn’t have any plan for 2008, but I did try some new things during the year:
I drowe Gokart for the first time in my life.
Thanks to G (or is he the one to blame?) I tasted shrimps. Doesn’t tast too much. I can’t say I like the consistence. But now I know that I can eat shrimps. If I’ve to. If my future mother in law, when I find one, cooks me some food with shrimps, for example.
I could call myself engineer :).


One day I’ll be like her. Or Not.

The coolest lady in the swimming pool today:

Tousled hair (just from the bed).
Chewing gum.
Headband a la Björn Borg. (Why?!?)
Swimming in the middle, and making passing slower swimmers more difficult, when everybody else swim after the anticlockwise rule.

To do 2009; 3.

We didn’t manage to meet during the last year, due to different reasons. My University friends. One of them lives in Göteborg, and we meet every week. Since I moved here, for 1,5 years ago. We spend a lot of time together. But after they left the University (I stayed there longer), I’ve not spent more than one weekend per year with the others. I’ll do my best to find the time and money for a weekend in the north. Since that’s where we’ve said the next meeting will be.

To do 2009; 2.

My oldest friends. My childhood friends. They don’t live far away. We all grew up in the same town in the north. And all of us live in the south of Sweden today. Not in the same city. But the longest distance between us is Göteborg – Stockholm. And that’s not too far… However, we all have our lives and different schedules. Many past years we’ve not spent more than a few hours together; when we all have been in our hometown during Christmas and summer. The two last years we’ve met for a weekend. One weekend in Stockholm and the other in Eskilstuna (located west of Stockholm). Now the turn has come to Göteborg. We’ve been speaking about meeting in the beginning of February. I hope we manage to do that, and that all of us come.

To do 2009; 1.

Since I learnt to know them, that’s exactly 5 years ago, I’ve met them once a year. Sometimes more often. Some years I’ve spent more time with some of them, living relatively far away, than with other friends. I hope we won’t break the custom this year. I want to see my dear Oulu friends during 2009 as well.


Back home. After 19 days in the north. 19 of very relaxing days. I was able to leave all work thoughts and other worries at home. In the north, I just existed.

But now I feel it was already time to come back to the reality. New year.

Up in the air, somewhere north of Göteborg.

I prefer to travel (From A to B) alone. I had to get used to it once. Now I find it relaxing.
After I learnt that the ”turbulence” doesn’t mean bumps in the air but strong wind from the side, I don’t worry for that either.

Isn’t it amazing; the fact that humans can get tons of kilograms to fly?
We’re served hot drinks thousands of kilometers above the earths surface.

Still nameless.

I said it for more than one year ago already; it’s a small big town.

Last night I met him again. I was trying to find my friends in an overcrowded nightclub. Suddenly I heard “Hi, Finnish”. It took a few seconds before I understood who he was.

As cute as last time.
Single now.
For an unknown reason I happened to turn him down.

Probably better, but I just didn’t have the time to learn.

New features in WordPress.

I had even difficulties to get the previous post published…

One other feature: I’ve to approve comments.

I don’t know how to write in bold, italic, etc without using HTML, anymore.
I don’t know how to use the spell check anymore.

Interesting notes. After 10h long After Work.

We began with Taco Buffet in Excet. After many drinks for 48 Sek, cheap beers, dancing and chatting, we spent the last hours in Deep. I didn’t feel notable drunk at any point of the night. Just the opposite to previous weekend…

I really do hope I don’t lose the contact with my collagues/friends I’ve today.

Flirting; Do’s and Don’ts.

Text message (my translation):

Hi, Pia! Come, and let’s have sexy times

Sexy times are his words. Without translation.

I didn’t know how to react. Especially when the text message came from a guy I saw as a possible friend.

My Home, 081129.

Small steps. For each step a little closer to the goal.

My sofa. With (for me) brand new table. Finally I’ve somewhere stable to put my plates and glasses on.

Where the chairs are leaning towards the wall (and waiting for next weeks Glögg-evening), I’ll have a table and two bar chairs. As soon as I get them.

Nice persons do exist.

Last week, on Friday morning.

I was walking to the bus stop. On time. When I suddenly saw the bus arriving to the stop. I started to run. But it was the first day with minus degrees. After a rainy night. Parts of the road was covered with ice, and I didn’t dare to run too fast. That resulted in me missing the bus with just s few seconds.


But then a car stops at the bus stop.

I realise that this person most probably is going to offer me a ride.

Is it a woman?
That’s my first thought. Sad. But you can’t blame me.

It was a woman, and she did offer me a ride to the city. She had seen me missing the bus. She felt sorry for me.

What a nice woman!
She surtenly made her one-good-deed that day.


Not as scary as I worried it would be.

I liked it.

But it’s IN as well!

I’ve been told that I wear black clothes too often. I’ve to admit that there might be something behind that statement.

This weekend my parents have visited me, again, and helped me with the flat. Guess the colors? Dark grey. My flat is going to be black/grey/silver. Should be so me, right?

As soon as I’ve cleaned after the painting/drilling/… I’ll upload some pictures!

I feel like saying…


Black and silver, she said.

I’ve found an interesting wall paper.


I’d like to have this wall paper, in black.

But the price…

Hunting Season 2008, MA.


Two substantives that describe the feeling.
After one night out, one text message, and one phone call.

And the mysterious person was…

The flowers were from Emil, my estate agent.
“We hope you feel at home.”


What an anticlimax.


Somebody has sent me flowers.

But who?

I know who I hope didn’t do it…

At 18.00 I’ll know.


Sushi, first friends in my flat, Beer and Fidel Castro’s, snacks, chatting, and a night out.