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Job applications, week 1.

The goal is to send one job application each day. Doesn’t matter if there are no engineering jobs to apply for.

Finnish speaking administrator
was the title of the position I applied for on Monday. No engineering degree is needed for the job, but I’d get to speak Finnish more often.

After swimming 2 000 m I didn’t have a lot of energy, and decided to apply for a similar job as on Monday. In that way I could use a big part of Mondays personal letter for this job as well. Finnish speaking order receiver. I’d guess that the Monday’s and Tuesday’s applications were for the same position, but through two different recruitment and HR services companies.

Wednesday’s application was for the title Quality controller. That position doesn’t require any engineering degree either, but some technical interest.

Yesterday I applied for a short term (parental leave, so about 6 months) position as “receptionist” (my guess).

Today I’m planning to send an application for an engineering job; working environment. However, I don’t have all the experience they’re looking for. I’ve never educated others about anything. But hey, I don’t have anything to lose!

Today after lunch I’ll call again call the man about the job in the nuclear industry. Just to hear where they are in the process. Last week I got an email saying they planned to start to call for interviews this week. I haven’t heard from them after that. By calling them I want to show them my interest, and find out if I’ve any chance or not.


2nd job hunting.

Already in the end of 2008 I realized that I might lose my job. The economical crisis did hit the vehicle industry, where my employer had most of it’s customers, hard. That’s why I started to look for other jobs then already.

In the end of December I did send a application to a truck company. I happened to call them exactly the same moment as they were looking at my application. I was one of five who were called for an interview. They chose to hire a person with more experience of polymeric materials.

In February my employer informed us that they were starting the negotiations with the union. I understood that could mean the end was near for me. So I got more serious about the job hunting. I was even ready to take non engineering jobs. I just wanted to have a job.

My second application, in the 2nd job hunting, was sent to a consultancy company. They are looking for people to the nuclear industry. After calling them, I understood I could have a chance thanks to my documentation experience from the assignment during the past year. I’ve sent my application and I’m now waiting for them to start to call for interviews. That should be this week.

To do 2009; 7.

On Thursday I went to the office, and signed a paper.

Yes, I’ve received the information that I’ve been given a notice of lay off due to lack of work.

One more task for 2009; find a new job.