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I did apply for a research assistant/doctoral student position for about two weeks ago. Yesterday a woman called and asked if I still was interested.

I said I’ve already got a job.

It’s nice to see that they find me interesting. But I don’t want any more calls. It just makes me realize which possibilities I could have had, and wonder if I did take the correct decision.

Of course I did.

And it’s always possible to change, in case I would find out I’m not happy with my choise.

It’s just that… Dr. Pia… Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


Why now…

… why not last week, or two weeks ago?!?

Yesterday I got a call from Volvo 3P again. This time from the correct division. I had to say I’ve already got a job.
Today I got a call from Spain. They did wonder if I was interested to come for an interview. I had to say I’ve already got a job.

It would have been interesting to know what they could offer me.

A Beautiful Day.

The sun isn’t shining today. No.
It’s a grey day. Cloudy and windy. Cold.

But today I signed a contract.
And on the 1st of April I’ll work as an engineer for the first time!

Is It This?

Everything could have gone really bad.

In my calendar I had wrote I had an interview at 15:00 o’clock.
12:10 I get a call. It’s the man I’m going to meet. He says We had an appontment at 14:00 (?!?!?!?), but I wonder if you could come earlier? Well. I didn’t have anything else planned; so I hurried to the company, and was happy he had wanted to change the time for the interview. I prefer that, than come one hour late!

Luckily, from that moment and on, everything went good. I might even get a job there. He wants to call my reference persons, and meet me again before Friday! Let’s hope he has good news for me then!

One Way To Get Contact With Companies.

This week I visited CHARM.

CHARM is the leading careers fair in Scandinavia with more than 170 Swedish and international companies wanting to meet you. During the two days of the fair you’ll have an excellent opportunity to find out more about different career paths.

…/… Company representatives are here to answer your questions and present what their company can offer you. Make sure to market yourself and establish personal relations!”

So far it has resulted in one job interview. On Monday 18th.

I spoke with the man who is responsible for the company’s HMI division.
I gave him my CV. He said he’d call me next week. He called me the day after.
That should be positive, shouldn’t it?


Last week I sent a job application to Volvo 3P.

Today a man called.
He was the responsible for the cooling system development.

Pity. I’m not interested of sitting with a CAD software 8h/day. Nor strengths of materials.

1st Job Interview.

So, today I had my first job interview.

I was prepared for all the “typical” questions asked on job interviews, that I found on the Internet. But the interview was much more relaxed than that. We had a coffee, he told me about the company and asked me a few questions about what I’ve done and what I’d like to do.

He asked if I’d mind to work in the military industry. It’s not like I’m going to compose the mixture for the next nuclear bomb. Therefore I said I wouldn’t mind. And I was honest.

I learnt some new things about the company. Positive things. He said he couldn’t take any decision today. I hope he’ll give me good news soon. I’d really like to work in this company. For many reasons.

First Interview.

My first job interview is appointed.

Actually it’s going to be the second job interview. In my life. I didn’t realize the first one was an interview. Not before I got the positive/negative qualities question. Well. I got that job. Nothing too exciting. My task was to call new students and inform them about some boring stuff. It was an extra job for students. And lasted for about one month. Anyway. I got the job.

Downs And Ups.

Got an email concerning the product development position.

They did thank me for my expression of interest and informed they had decided to go further with another applicant.

Yesterday I got an email from the man I was supposed to meet last week. About the HMI develper job. He’s still interested in meeting me. But doesn’t have time at the moment. He has meetings all over Europe this week. Hopefully he’ll have some time for me next week.

Little Longer In The Process.

Today I called a consulting firm. In Gothenburg. About a job. HMI (Human-Machine-Interaction) developer.
They had already found a person for that job. But they need more with similar background.

During the weekend I will send them my CV.
Next week they want to meet me.

What ever happens, at least my application wont just be one of many others in a big pile. They will read it. And they will meet me in person.

Not All Do It.

Got an e-mail about the product development job.
They informed me they have received my application.

Master’s Thesis, Day 51(100).

A new time plan is done for the remaining 10 weeks.
Not stressed yet. This looks good. 21st of December I am flying to my parents. To spend the Christmas with them. That day I should only have the report to write left.

Today I sent my 4th job application. Product development. In Oslo, Norway.

Master’s Thesis, Day 49(100).

Tomorrow I will be half way. Day 50. Of 100.

Already in August I did decide I would start to send job applications around this time.
This week I have sent three.
First one I sent on Monday. To a company in the automotive sector. In Spain.
The second application was sent to a consulting firm here in Gothenburg on Tuesday. Ergonomics/interaction design.
Today I sent the third one. To a research center. In the UK.

The consulting firm did reply. On Wednesday. The day after. Just like a good Swedish company should.
This time they are really looking for somebody with years of experience, they wrote. Yes, they did write that in the job description. But I have been told to apply for the jobs anyway. The description is just the employer’s dream. Of how the perfect employee would be. So I did send my application. They also wrote that they would like to keep my application. To be able to contact me in the future. I have the feeling that is a standard phrase. But anyway. I wrote back and said I would be happy if they did.