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Job applications, week 1.

The goal is to send one job application each day. Doesn’t matter if there are no engineering jobs to apply for.

Finnish speaking administrator
was the title of the position I applied for on Monday. No engineering degree is needed for the job, but I’d get to speak Finnish more often.

After swimming 2 000 m I didn’t have a lot of energy, and decided to apply for a similar job as on Monday. In that way I could use a big part of Mondays personal letter for this job as well. Finnish speaking order receiver. I’d guess that the Monday’s and Tuesday’s applications were for the same position, but through two different recruitment and HR services companies.

Wednesday’s application was for the title Quality controller. That position doesn’t require any engineering degree either, but some technical interest.

Yesterday I applied for a short term (parental leave, so about 6 months) position as “receptionist” (my guess).

Today I’m planning to send an application for an engineering job; working environment. However, I don’t have all the experience they’re looking for. I’ve never educated others about anything. But hey, I don’t have anything to lose!

Today after lunch I’ll call again call the man about the job in the nuclear industry. Just to hear where they are in the process. Last week I got an email saying they planned to start to call for interviews this week. I haven’t heard from them after that. By calling them I want to show them my interest, and find out if I’ve any chance or not.


2nd job hunting.

Already in the end of 2008 I realized that I might lose my job. The economical crisis did hit the vehicle industry, where my employer had most of it’s customers, hard. That’s why I started to look for other jobs then already.

In the end of December I did send a application to a truck company. I happened to call them exactly the same moment as they were looking at my application. I was one of five who were called for an interview. They chose to hire a person with more experience of polymeric materials.

In February my employer informed us that they were starting the negotiations with the union. I understood that could mean the end was near for me. So I got more serious about the job hunting. I was even ready to take non engineering jobs. I just wanted to have a job.

My second application, in the 2nd job hunting, was sent to a consultancy company. They are looking for people to the nuclear industry. After calling them, I understood I could have a chance thanks to my documentation experience from the assignment during the past year. I’ve sent my application and I’m now waiting for them to start to call for interviews. That should be this week.

To do 2009; 7.

On Thursday I went to the office, and signed a paper.

Yes, I’ve received the information that I’ve been given a notice of lay off due to lack of work.

One more task for 2009; find a new job.

It’s going to be a little nervous.

I’ve a meeting with my employer today. He said it’s to sign a contract; regarding me staying at home for a lower salary in February. In my opinion he could be a man with a hidden agenda. In that case I’ll let him know what I think about that kind of behaviour. Let’s see. Hopefully I don’t have to.

I Still Blame The Americans.

My employer is going to start the negotiations with the union.

I realize it’s time for me to start to look for other jobs. Just in case.

Crayfish Party.

Enter the boat. With the bosses and 70 other employees.

The seafood buffet has been visited, several snaps (shot) song have been sung, and several snaps have been drunk.

The boat is back to the harbour.

We enter the nightclub, Excet. The alcohol continues to flow in.

Bed time. OK, I’m in Sweden. But even here 00:00 is quite early…

Chatting on the sofa.
At the time, when I normally come home after a night out, I was already in the point that could have been called the day after.

Back to bed.


An attempt to get a few more slept hours.

Saturday begins.


Cake and Champagne.

And a Cigar. That is a cookie.

Ingredients in the celebration of employment.
I’ve been working for six months. Trial period.
From today and onwards, permanent job.

The Mouse.

I don’t really know how to describe this person.
I’ve difficulties to hear what she says, because she speaks so quiet and mumbles. Quite often she also says something irrelevant. I wonder if she does brush her hair in the morning. And where her style is. She’s grey and misplaced. The Mouse.

Today the mouse did hit the lowest point so far, in my eyes. We do work in a place where everybody dress nicely. There’s no dress code, and you don’t have to be overdressed. But most men wear for example a nice pair of jeans and a shirt or pullover. Of course there are men who wear suit, everything depends on the position you have. Anyhow, I’d say everybody has at least a clean and proper appearance. Except for the mouse today. Her cleavage! I’d never show that much at work, if I want to be respected. A night club or bar is different, but work…

I’ve seen the same once before, during the autumn when I was doing my master’s thesis. It was a woman around the same age as the mouse. I wonder if it has to do it with the age? Will the same happen to me, when I get older? When I have given birth to a few children and my breasts start to sag.

And if I’ve difficulties to ignore her breasts, and wonder if they’ll fall out when she leans forward, I wonder how it’s for the men who actually find a pair of women’s breasts special?

Noted at work.

Older people hit the keys of a computer keyboard hard.
Sometimes one-by-one.


While younger let the fingers lightly dance over the keys.

I remember, a long time ago.

The company where I do my commission gave me a phone to use at work.

An Ericsson DT570.

A phone from the time before Sony.

Commission #1

I’m employed by a consultancy company.
I was supposed to start to work for them on the 1st of April; that is today.
But I’ve already been working since 11th of March since they found a company
which wanted to hire me. My first commission.

It’s in a big Swedish company in the vehicle industry. I work with product
development, but not with HMI (that I did study). This is a short commission.
I’ll be here for 8-10 months only. So I don’t mind I’m not working with
exactly what I studied. I did study product development, and I’m working with
product development, so I know what I’m doing. But the focus is in a limited,
but important, part of the product development. I like my task so far, but
would prefer to work with ergonomics or HMI. Anyhow, this commission is a
great chance to learn the company’s organization and values. Who knows;
perhaps my next commission is in the same company, but in a different unit?


It’s a shame, that I can’t access my blog at work.
I don’t have the energy when I get home.

Did you realise how dark it was outside this morning (i.e. if you got up before 07:00)? Such a difference one hour does. But now we are in “summer time”. Should mean summer is makig entrance.

I went to Tallinn, and came back tired. But happy!
Not a lot of sightseeing for our part. We didn’t have good luck with the weather. Perhaps I’ll write more about Tallinn some other day…

I got my first salary last week. And now I’m trying to save and save. So far I’ve met three ants in my shoe box, also known as my room. I’m not interested in sharing my 6m², and realise there is a risk I’m the one who has to move out. With that in my mind, I’m eager to save. But I also like traveling. At the moment there is a warmer place I would like to visit. Palm trees and t-shirt weather sounds tempting, when you’re in a windy and rainy place.

Reminder to myself:
1st of April tomorrow. Do not believe in anything, who ever says it.

The Easter-Cock.

The company I work for, a consultancy company, gave me a basket filled with candies to give to the persons I work with. In the company where I work at the moment. An “Easter-basket”. Filled with 2 kg of chocolate eggs and other candies.

Luckily I do not sit too close to the others in my “group” yet. In this way I needed a reason to pass by the candies. Less temptation. For a person with a weak character.

But today, before going home. I went to the basket, and picked a few candies. Without an excuse to visit that part of the office. To have something to eat on my way home.
I deserved it. After a long day. Sitting in front of a computer.

Now I’m going to buy my own candies. For the train trip tomorrow. And because it’s Easter.
Since I was a child I’ve got Kinder-eggs every morning during the Easter (since my mother didn’t know on which day the Easter-cock* is supposed to come with the candies to children). Why not continue with a nice tradition?

** My Swedish friends got a visit from the Easter-rabbit. But in our family it was a cock who came with the chocolate eggs and candies. A Finnish tradition I suppose. In the morning (every morning during the Easter in my case) I could find a basket filled with candies under my bed.


In a room.
Thought about the fact that some of the men in the room were good looking.
Then it hits me; I’m the only female in the room.
Of 11.


Today at the coffee machine:
One of the most good looking men I’ve ever seen.

I work with product development in the vehicle industry*. The average age
isn’t too high and most of the people dress well**. A lot of eye-candy at
work, that is.

* More about my first commission some other day.
** Well… Today I saw one girl with a check skirt and a pair of tights with
flower pattern. But. Firstly, she’s an exception and secondly, I don’t care
about the girls.


No Gmail. Belongs to a blocked web site category. General email.
All activities on the Internet are logged. Internet should only be used for work related purposes.

Soon I’ll be able to answer all questions concerning the company.

The First Day.

Information about the organization.
A tour on the company’s premises.
My own desk; with computer.
Still waiting for an office chair.
Attending meetings.

I’ll work with requirement specification.
That’s what I know.

My First Day Working As An Engineer.

Tomorrow is my first day working!

Well. I’ve worked before. But never with the title engineer.

Did I mention I’ve got the degree certificate?!
So fancy! With stamps, signatures, and everything.

Is It Half Full Or Half Empty?

All my clothes are spread on my bed. It’s not an enormous amount of clothes. Everything fits in two under-the-bed-boxes. Easily.
I’m trying to decide what to bring with me to Madrid. I don’t want to bring too much with me. I want to be able to buy new clothes. Therefore the bag should be half empty. When I leave. So it can be full when I come back home.

Oh. Just realized I also need to decide what to wear tomorrow, for the appointment.

Free, But Still Not.

I don’t know what to call him. The boss? Yeps. I’ll call him the boss.

The boss called me today. A company wants to meet with me, and if everything goes fine I’ll start to work as soon as possible. The thing is, I hadn’t told the boss that I’m going to Madrid next week. We agreed that I would let him know in case I was going away before April, so he would know not to book any meetings for the days I’m not available. Luckliy my plane to Madrid leaves late on Monday, so we were able to organize a lunch appointment on Monday. This means, there is a chance I’ll start to work they day after I come back from Madrid. And the plans for the rest of the month will be more difficult to carry out. Possible, but harder.