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Continuing with the You know you are from Sweden when group on Facebook…

72. You answer a question with “mhm” and the questioner repeats their question thinking that you didn’t hear or understand. Resulting in you getting annoyed by the fact that they didn’t get that you ment “yes”.

Haha. That has happened me several times. But I don’t say “mhm”. I say “mmm” in order to show that I’ve understood/I agree. And many times the other (foreign) person has repeated what they’ve just said…



You, a person next to me singing along.
Doesn’t matter how good you think you’re, the original is always better and you spoil my experience.

Sometimes A No Would Be Good.

I need to reevaluate my own value.

I do things I shouldn’t, because I don’t appreciate myself enough.
I let some people treat me bad, because I don’t appreciate myself enough.

I need to do a reevaluation, and learn to say no.

Apple Newbie.

For the first time in my life I’ve picked apples from the tree.

No, we don’t have fruit trees in the north of Sweden.

When I was going to take my first bite, I started to wonder if there are dangerous apples. Can apples, from a garden, be poisonous? It’s not a garden of a step mother to any princess. Blueberries (plenty of berries in the north, therefore my knowledge about berries a little better) have a “relative” which looks really similar. The only difference is that instead of a circular mark, it has a mark that looks more like a star. I’ve been told that these berries can make you stomach upset. There are many mushrooms not meant to be eaten also. So why not apples? I’ve only heard about two poisonous apples in my whole life. One was in a story where a snake spoke and the other in a story where a princess was sent to the forest.

Sharging the Batteries.

For the second time in the last two weeks I did read the same recommendation in an evening paper; good weather this weekend, enjoy it because after this the cold weather will come.

And I listen to them. Again.

I took my bike. 10 km later I arrived to the lawn where I’ve been lying the whole summer. Reading a book and listening to the radio, I spent more than 3 hours in the sun.

Is it only me, or does anybody else get tired after a day in the sun?
I came home, cooked dinner (new exciting experiments with ingredients I find in the fridge, don’t want to buy anything now because of the move), tried to continue with the packing (managed to empty one drawer), and had to rest (=sleep) for about two hours.

Richer or Poorer?

The contract is signed. By both. Finally.
The bank has said OK.

On the 1st of September, the latest, I’ll have the keys.

A huge step.

I’ve been playing with the thought for a while.
And now suddenly, it seems to be reality.

I’ve bought a flat. Well. Almost at least.
The owner of the flat still needs to sign the contract. Should be done today.
And the “building association” still needs to approve me as a new owner. Should be done within a month.

1st of September I’ll have gained a bunch of “adult credits”.
I’ll own a flat. And I’ll have a bank loan…

SAAB -06 vs. Mercedes -86.

I’m a materialist.

My image of a guy is slightly influenced by the car he’s driving.


I should…

I’m a disaster at the moment.

Yesterday I had to go and buy new clothes. Because I didn’t have anything representable clean. And I had a date.

Well. Today I’ve laundry day.
White clothes. After that I’ve to sleep.

The date?
Nothing interesting enough.

The Mouse.

I don’t really know how to describe this person.
I’ve difficulties to hear what she says, because she speaks so quiet and mumbles. Quite often she also says something irrelevant. I wonder if she does brush her hair in the morning. And where her style is. She’s grey and misplaced. The Mouse.

Today the mouse did hit the lowest point so far, in my eyes. We do work in a place where everybody dress nicely. There’s no dress code, and you don’t have to be overdressed. But most men wear for example a nice pair of jeans and a shirt or pullover. Of course there are men who wear suit, everything depends on the position you have. Anyhow, I’d say everybody has at least a clean and proper appearance. Except for the mouse today. Her cleavage! I’d never show that much at work, if I want to be respected. A night club or bar is different, but work…

I’ve seen the same once before, during the autumn when I was doing my master’s thesis. It was a woman around the same age as the mouse. I wonder if it has to do it with the age? Will the same happen to me, when I get older? When I have given birth to a few children and my breasts start to sag.

And if I’ve difficulties to ignore her breasts, and wonder if they’ll fall out when she leans forward, I wonder how it’s for the men who actually find a pair of women’s breasts special?


It’s a shame, that I can’t access my blog at work.
I don’t have the energy when I get home.

Did you realise how dark it was outside this morning (i.e. if you got up before 07:00)? Such a difference one hour does. But now we are in “summer time”. Should mean summer is makig entrance.

I went to Tallinn, and came back tired. But happy!
Not a lot of sightseeing for our part. We didn’t have good luck with the weather. Perhaps I’ll write more about Tallinn some other day…

I got my first salary last week. And now I’m trying to save and save. So far I’ve met three ants in my shoe box, also known as my room. I’m not interested in sharing my 6m², and realise there is a risk I’m the one who has to move out. With that in my mind, I’m eager to save. But I also like traveling. At the moment there is a warmer place I would like to visit. Palm trees and t-shirt weather sounds tempting, when you’re in a windy and rainy place.

Reminder to myself:
1st of April tomorrow. Do not believe in anything, who ever says it.

The Easter-Cock.

The company I work for, a consultancy company, gave me a basket filled with candies to give to the persons I work with. In the company where I work at the moment. An “Easter-basket”. Filled with 2 kg of chocolate eggs and other candies.

Luckily I do not sit too close to the others in my “group” yet. In this way I needed a reason to pass by the candies. Less temptation. For a person with a weak character.

But today, before going home. I went to the basket, and picked a few candies. Without an excuse to visit that part of the office. To have something to eat on my way home.
I deserved it. After a long day. Sitting in front of a computer.

Now I’m going to buy my own candies. For the train trip tomorrow. And because it’s Easter.
Since I was a child I’ve got Kinder-eggs every morning during the Easter (since my mother didn’t know on which day the Easter-cock* is supposed to come with the candies to children). Why not continue with a nice tradition?

** My Swedish friends got a visit from the Easter-rabbit. But in our family it was a cock who came with the chocolate eggs and candies. A Finnish tradition I suppose. In the morning (every morning during the Easter in my case) I could find a basket filled with candies under my bed.


Sharing a home with other persons has its advantages and disadvantages.

Two of the advantages are that it’s cheaper than living alone, and you never feel alone since there is almost always somebody else at home as well.

Two of the disadvantages are that the other members in the household might make noise when you want silence, and they also tend to touch your things. The last one is a disadvantage if you prefer people not to touch all of your things. Your razor. Your food. Belong to the things I want others to let be.

Now it has happened again. I did my laundry a few days ago. We’ve one washing machine. But we don’t have any dryer. Everything is hang in the cellar until it’s dry. Which normally takes a few days. I don’t like ironing. I don’t feel like wasting time on ironing either. It’s boring. Therefore I like to hang my clothes to dry in such a way that minimum time spent for ironing is required. But some evil person is working against me. In order to hang more clothes (s)he has squeezed my clothes together. Imagine an accordion. First fully extended, and then compressed. Now my clothes are wrinkled.

Not My Humour.

Yesterday I went to do my shopping in the supermarket around two o’clock in the afternoon.
It was me and the retired people.

I was walking around in the shop, in my own thoughts trying to decide what to eat, when an old woman came to me. Excuse me, may I bother you?, she asked. The good Samaritan that I am, I thought she needed help with something and replied Yes, of course. She made a joke about a sign saying ‘Skjut‘. It referred to the freezer doors, and means slide/shove. But the Swedish word skjut has several meanings. It also means shoot. About this fact the old woman made a joke. I did my best to laugh, and get away from her as soon as possible. It didn’t even help to think that she probably just needed to talk with somebody.

Never again. Grocery stores before 16:00 on weekdays.

General Knowledge.

Many video clips circulating on the Internet want to show us how little people in the USA know about the rest of the world. They’re fighting against the terrorism in Iraq, but can’t locate the country on a map*. I don’t know how it’s there, but we had to learn a lot of countries (names and locations) in school. As with a lot of things we learn, I’ve lost some of that knowledge. In order to refresh the memory, and to be able to say Perhaps they don’t know Paris is the capital of France, where they speak French, but I know the difference between Niger and Nigeria, I downloaded a freeware called Seterra. Now I’m addicted to it, and compete with myself!

The former Yugoslavian countries have always been a weak point. In the beginning of 90s, after we had been studying European countries, there suddenly was several countries instead of one. At that moment it just felt very confusing with a lot of new (strange) country names. Somewhere far far away. Today I’ve visited some of the countries, and feel less confused. It also seems like we’ll have one new country in Europe soon; Kosovo. The programmers thought that Turkey belong to Europe, but Russia doesn’t…
Give me a blank map and name of an European country, and I’ll point it out for you!

To be honest, I’ve never been too interested in learning the names and locations of the states in the USA. I’ve my theories for why not, but those I’ll keep for myself. However, yesterday I learnt them. For some of the states I’ve developed different ways to remember them. For example, Maryland; it’s not square but feminine with a lot of shapes, Kentucky; even though I don’t eat meat I thought about Kentucky Fried Chicken and don’t you agree that the shape of the state reminds of a chicken wing?, Minnesota; that’s where Brandon and Brenda came from. Missouri is the only “blank” state. And therefore that’s what I remember it for. It’s the “blank” state, which doesn’t give me any associations. Alaska and Hawaii aren’t included in the game.

* I know the statement doesn’t apply to EVERYBODY living in the USA. 😉

Master’s Thesis, Finished.

Today we had our presentation at the company. Afterwards we got to choose a gift from the company’s shop. Now I’m a happy owner of a USB-stick with the company’s logo on it (unfortunately there was a price limit; an “ocean race” jacket would have been nice as well).

Yesterday when writing a cover letter, instead of writing “… soon I’ll have my Master of Science degree in Ergonomic Design and Production engineering…” I wrote “… I’ve a Master of Science degree in Ergonomic Design and Production engineering…”.

My supervisor at the university has to sign a paper, for the report to be published.

I can only wait for the degree certificate to arrive.


I started my new healthier life… erhm… two weeks ago. That’s when I finally managed to drag my body to the swimming pool. Actually it was my friend E who said we should do it. Until that day we had just been speaking about it. It’s so easy and nice to talk about things you should do. Anyway. For about two weeks ago E did suggest we should go and swim. Instead of have an unhealthy girls night. I.e., chocolate tasting, wine tasting, or similar. So we took her car and drove to the swimming pool.

It was Wednesday and they had something called “adults evening“. That means no children are allowed. Just adults swimming round and round (right-hand traffic!) in candlelight. While relaxing music is streaming from the speakers. Really nice. Only thing I didn’t understand, was their “sauna”. A sign next to the door to the sauna said “wet sauna”. I don’t know where they got the idea to call it wet. I got dry in that sauna! The sauna had a stove, but there was no water to pour on the stove. There’s water in the showers, but no way to get the water into the sauna. The sauna wasn’t warm enough to make we swet either. I just got dry. And that’s not the point with a sauna! Southern people… 

Last week was the second time. I didn’t want to wait until Wednesday. So I decided to see how Mondays are. E couldn’t join me because she had too much to do at work. When I arrived to the swimming pool, one third of it was used by a swimming school group. There were more people than on Wednesday the week before. Therefore swimming required a little more planning. To find a better place in the shoal when you get too close to somebody slower. But. It was OK. Until the swimming school was finished and it was time for the old ladies to have their water gymnastics. These ten ladies needed half of the pool! Therefore the rest of us had to share the other half. Not everybody has learnt the etiquette of swimming in a pool. There was a man who stopped to rest, relax or whatever he did. And every time I was just about to pass him, he decided it was time to continue! In front of my nose he pushed his feet against the wall and started to swim. Slow. Slow. And I had to stop. So annoying!


When I was younger I couldn’t understand how it was possible for my parents to not to remember their age.

Now I can.

My mind seems to have decided 25 is a good age for me. That’s what automatically comes out from my mouth when I’m asked. Of course I directly realize it’s not correct. And do mental arithmetic.

Advent Calendar.

I’ve received a chocolate advent calendar*!
My mother has sent it to me.

I know I’m not 5 years old any more. But it’s fun anyway. And why should advent calendars be for kids only?

The calendar has got little damaged on the way. Some of the doors are open. But my parents have educated me well. And also I’ve always been clever. They told me it’s not fun to eat all the chocolate the first day. It’s better to take one each day, just as you’re supposed. I never doubted that. Some of my friends did. And not only once. Some never learnt.

* From Wikipedia: The traditional calendar consists of two pieces of cardboard on top of each other. Twenty four doors are cut out in the top layer, with one door being opened every day, from December 1 to December 24 (Christmas Eve). Each compartment can either show a part of the Nativity story and the birth of Jesus, or can simply display a piece of paraphernalia to do with Christmas (e.g. Bells, holly). Many calendars have been adapted by merchandisers and manufacturers to include a piece of chocolate or a sweet behind each compartment, aimed at children. These have often been criticised for not relating to the Nativity and simply cashing in on Christmas sales. These are aimed at small children who are counting down to Christmas, because that is when Santa Claus comes.

Didn’t know the “Christian” story. For me it has always been about the count down to Santa’s visit…

It Is The Darkness.

I do not have any TV.

When I moved I decided I would survive without a TV. I sold my old TV. And will buy a new one when I know where I will be living. For the next coming years.

Now after about three months I start to miss a TV. Surfing on Internet starts to get boring(!). I do not miss any specific program. But it is just so easy to turn on a TV. And have something “in the background”. Easy entertainment.

I thought my life without TV would be more active. Doing something better. But it did not turn out like that. Instead of sitting in front of a TV it is the computer.

Well. I guess the only thing I would need to do is to entertain myself with different activities in the evenings. After work. Then I would spend less time in front of the computer. And I would not miss the TV.

It is just too easy to “when I have x and y, THEN I will u and v!
Especially when the days are short. The sun sets before 16:00.
I am not a fan of darkness. Not outdoors.