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Weekend In London, United Kingdom.

In Friday afternoon I took the airport coach to Gothenburg City Airport. A small airport. Used by low fare airlines, as Ryanair. I overheard one man say “This is cattle transportation”. At that moment I agreed with him. The room was full of people, trying to find out in which queue they had to stand in first. At the check-in desk I was told I should have checked in on the website. I did have a vague memory of reading something about the possibility, when I booked the tickets. But since I hadn’t got any more information about that, I decided just to do it “the old fashion way”. That could have cost me money. But I was lucky. In Gothenburg they didn’t charge me, because they had some problems with the system. But if I didn’t check in on the website, I’d have to pay on the way back. Reason 1 to not use a low fare airline next time: Tickets that cost a little more = more service (e.g., an email reminding about the online check in and the possibility to check in by replying on a text message, so convenient!).

Except for the “check in, or pay” and queueing the trip from Gothenburg to London went better than I had dared to hope for. My friends Borja and Mikel were waiting for me at the airport, where they had arrived before me. I learnt we trust each other a lot. Since none of us had written down the hostel’s address. After exchanging money and using a “pay computer” we knew where to go. We took the train to London city, where we met with one more friend, Maarten. Our hostel, Piccadilly hostel, wasn’t too difficult to find. We were welcomed by a guy who changed the language to Spanish when he got to know part of our company came from Spain. Also the guys working in the reception came from some spanish speaking country/countries. We left our luggage at the hostel and went to the bus station where we met the last team member, Gustavo.



Before going for dinner, we went back to the hostel to leave Gustavo’s luggage. That also gave him the chance to see what we others already knew. The pictures on the hostel’s website showed something better than the reality. The entrance looked more like a storage room than an entrance. It was filled with big bags with sheets. The reception was on the 4th floor. The elevator didn’t work. Due to a group of Czech football supporters. The paint was falling off the walls and ceiling. Luckily we’ve sense of humour.

We had our dinner in an Italian restaurant in the city centre. Our waitress was from Spain, and seemed to speak more when she got the chance to serve part of our company in Spanish. Could also be she just felt more relaxed to speak her own language, to persons from the same culture as herself. Could also be something else. Could also just be me making up the differences in her way to serve us, and the others in the restaurant. After the dinner we took a walk in the town, and headed for a few drinks in the hostel’s common room before going to bed.



To be continued (when I’ve time and energy)…


Didn’t Go There To Sleep.

Back in Gothenburg after two days in London.

~10 hours of sleep during this weekend. Need to sleep now.

London Weather In November?

How is the weather in London at this time of the year?

I do not like my winter jackets. Therefore I would like to take my new autumn/spring jacket with me.
But I do not want to freeze my rump off.