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I haven’t done a lot today. So far.
Hey, I’m on holidays!

My excuse is that I need to rest for tonight’s birthday party.
It’s Pepe’s birthday. I don’t know who Pepe is. But I’ve seen a picture of him on Facebook.
I’m sure it’s going to be fun.

Until this moment I’ve been to the supermarket. Buying ingredients for the lunch. Spanish lunch. When it comes to the time, at least. I’m going to play housewife; and prepare the lunch for me and my friend G who will come home from work in about one hour. I think we’ll bake pullas (SV: bullar; EN: cinnamon rolls) today as well, before going to the party. Perhaps we’ll have time for some pig hunting as well?

Here are a few pictures, that I took yesterday:




Remember; I’m not a photographer, and I always use the camera in my mobile phone! (Click on the pictures in case you want to see them in a little bigger format)


A Reflection.

The staircases in Spanish houses smell different.

Same everywhere in Spain.
But different than in Scandinavia.

No Pigs To Be Found.

I’ve been to two VIPS shops, but didn’t find any pigs.
I had to choose between a grizzly bear and a panda. I chose a panda.

The pig (of my friend G).

A press on the pigs back, and he poops candies.

My Poo Poo Panda.

Next On Agenda: A Pig.

Weather forecast:

Today – 11°C
Friday – 14°C
Saturday – 16°C
Sunday – 14°C
Monday – 11°C
Tuesday – 16°C
Wednesday – 18°C
Thursday – 19°C
Friday – 20°C

I’ll leave on Monday, in the afternoon. And the temperature starts to increase.

Well. Enough about weather. Luckily I didn’t come here just because of weather. Which is supposed to be nicer here.

Now I’ll go and find a VIPS. And buy a candy pooping pig. Or something else.

It Was Spring.

More than one person (that is two) has told me I brought the cold with me.

I didn’t mean to!
I wanted to enjoy spring weather.

As Always.

18 hours in Madrid.
I’ve two new pairs of shoes.


Landing in Barcelona for two nights. Staying in a fancy and modern hotel. Aiih. I’m spoiling myself. But what else to do when the price is good?

My day in Barcelona.
The sun was shining and for me it was too hot to do any kind of sightseeing. So I went to IKEA, next to the hotel, and the Swedish Shop there. Was walking around the shop and dreaming of what I will eat when I get home. When I was finished with it, I went to a shopping center. Ate in the first place where I could find a menu in spanish. I came to Spain and learnt the language, why can’t a place in Spain make an effort and give all the information in spanish as well?


I will also miss the 24h shop, without door, next to my house.
It’s on my way back home after a night out. Baguette with tortilla, was the choice of tonight.
To know that if I would need something, any day and time during the week, I probably could buy it there is great.

Trasgu. From the Asturian mythology. He is the one with a hole in his hand. He tries to steal things from people, but because of the hole in his hand he drops the things.
I’m sure he does exist, it’s because of him I now and then have to look for things that aren’t where they are supposed to be…
I still remember where I learnt about Trasgu. It was when we were driving down, in a blue Volkswagen van, from the mountains after our “snow trip” in January.

The waves.

After visiting Acuario de Gijón I bought an ice-cream and took the beach walk back home.

That’s something I’ll miss…
Living next to the beach. Walking home and listening to the waves. The fresh air and the sound.

There are always people. Like in the most places of Gijón. The families are having dinners out until 01.00-02.00, that’s when the young people go out and when they go home in the morning, the grandparents are taking their morning walk. During my year here I haven’t felt uncomfortable/afraid once.