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Rovaniemi and Oulu, Finland

We had booked one car, one room in Rovaniemi for Friday night and one room in Oulu for Saturday night.

The trip started on Friday morning. On the way to Rovaniemi we only made a few stops for changing driver and picking up a map of Rovaniemi, to find our hotel. In Rovaniemi we decided to visit Santa Claus first, before he went home for the day. Santa’s main post office and Santa’s office were the most appreciated places in Santa’s Village. The souvenir shops… well… too much neon lights, to put it in a nice way. After Santa’s Village we ate and checked in to the hotel. We got ready, drank a few drinks and headed to the disco/bar with good party mood. One of Santa’s helpers, from Spain, working in the Santa’s main post office had recommended us the new disco ‘Onnela’, so that’s where we went. It was big, with several dance floors and bars. The Action man‘s action level is increasing. Good! I got impressed buy a guy who dared to go to a girl sitting between two guys. A girl impossible to resist? We stayed until they closed.

On Saturday we had to check out from the hotel before 12. Therefore we got up after only a few hours of sleep, packed our stuff and took a walk in the city. After a late lunch we took our seats in the car and drove to Oulu. In Oulu we drove right away to our hotel, checked in and started to get ready for the night. On the way to the bar, our own Fesus wanted to walk on the water (Temperature below 0). The surface didn’t break, so we were able to continue our way to the bars. We ended up in ‘Amarillo’ where we drank and danced, being pushed and pushing.

Sunday morning the same thing again, leaving the hotel before 12. We took a walk in the town and had breakfast in a cafe before we started our trip back home. On the way home we made first a short stop in Tornio, where we got to see reindeers. We had been driving many kilometers in the area where reindeers are kept, and are a danger in the traffic, but we hadn’t seen any animals. After a few phone calls I found a relatives-relatives-relative who has two reindeers; if the reindeers don’t come to you, you have to go to them… When everybody had seen the reindeers and the photos were taken, we crossed the border and visited the world’s most international IKEA in Haparanda. IKEA is IKEA, doesn’t change if it’s on a border or not. Same, same.



Göteborg, Sweden, via Tampere, Finland.

I wish I sometimes did plan my traveling a bit better than last weekend, for example. To have more time, and less traveling. This time I wanted to be in two places at the same time, more or less. In Göteborg and Tampere.

Well. Nothing is impossible. Not this time at least.

Took the night train from Kemi, Finland, to Tampere on Thursday. Spent the Friday shopping with my mother. On Saturday morning I woke up at 4 and took a taxi to the airport. First flight was back to Sweden, to Stockholm. From there I took a second flight to Göteborg. In Göteborg my friends from my first years at the university (yeps, not everyone spends as many years as I at the university…) had already met up on Friday. I joined them and we went shopping. After a short 30 minute “power-rest” before dinner I was ready for the nights party. We had tacos for dinner, drank red and white wine to it. Finished with little Baileys. The plan was to take the tram downtown, but for some reason we ended up in a taxi. The place we entered is called Excet. A nice place with several bars and floors. After two vodka-redbulls I had the right amount of alcohol in my blod and got a great night! Fun, fun!

What’s nice with old and good friends is that it doesn’t matter how often, or rarely, you meet them, you just continue from where you last time left it. My friends did meet last autumn as well. At that time I was in Spain, so I didn’t join them. I can’t remember when I met them for the last time. It’s probably around 2 years ago… Hopefully it doesn’t take that long until next time!

On the flight back home we had the honour to have Roger Pontare with us. Yippii…


Oulu, Finland

Oulu, Finland

When the car was out from the snow from Fridays snow storm, we started our trip towards Oulu, Finland. We made a few stops on the way, changed the currency and the hour before we arrived to our destination. The night was spent in Radisson SAS dancing and drinking. On Sunday we drove back to Luleå, a stop for hangover food was made in Haparanda.

Life north of Polar Circle.

I spent the weekend with my parents in their cottage, at a lake north of the polar circle in the Finnish Lapland. We went for a walk on a road in the forest, where we met a reindeer family. There we were, looking at each other for a while.

The rest of the time was spent eating, relaxing, in sauna and also trying to see the reindeer family, that had decided they liked to stay next to my parents cottage.