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It’s a shame, that I can’t access my blog at work.
I don’t have the energy when I get home.

Did you realise how dark it was outside this morning (i.e. if you got up before 07:00)? Such a difference one hour does. But now we are in “summer time”. Should mean summer is makig entrance.

I went to Tallinn, and came back tired. But happy!
Not a lot of sightseeing for our part. We didn’t have good luck with the weather. Perhaps I’ll write more about Tallinn some other day…

I got my first salary last week. And now I’m trying to save and save. So far I’ve met three ants in my shoe box, also known as my room. I’m not interested in sharing my 6m², and realise there is a risk I’m the one who has to move out. With that in my mind, I’m eager to save. But I also like traveling. At the moment there is a warmer place I would like to visit. Palm trees and t-shirt weather sounds tempting, when you’re in a windy and rainy place.

Reminder to myself:
1st of April tomorrow. Do not believe in anything, who ever says it.