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København, Denmark; 3-5 of March 2009.

3rd of March.

Exactly one week before, we had decided to get out from Göteborg for a few days. Me and J. The tickets to Barcelona, Spain, etc were too expensive. So we ended up in Copenhagen, Denmark. It takes about 3,5 hours by train, from Göteborg to Copenhagen. We did pay 380 Sek (160 + 220), 33€, for a return ticket. This was the first time I understood how close Copenhagen is!

It was my first time on the  longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe (according to Wikipedia)!

We did stay at a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend’s place (I met him for five minutes for about one year ago in a bar in Madrid, Spain). He did pick up as at the airport (the train stops there as well) and we went to his place to leave the luggage. He left us there, because he had a meeting at 17.30. We changed clothes and headed towards the city centre.


At the metro station we bought a 10-trip card for 130 danish crowns (130 dkk is 17€). The metro tickets can be paid with a credit card or danish coins. It has to be “stamped” in a yellow machine before going downstairs to the metro, and can be used for one hour (when a 2 zone card).

dsc01158Everything was so clean…

In the city centre we took a walk on the famous pedestrian street Strøget. Since we were hungry, to find a restaurant was our priority. We ended up in Mama Rosa (Østergade 57 / Nikolai Plads 24). I did pay about 70 dkk (9€) for a pizza margharita and about 45 crowns (6€) for a glas of red wine.


Our host was ready with his meeting just when we had finished our dinner, so we met up with him and went to a restaurant/bar/café. It’s located on the pedestrian street as well, and called Europa (Amagertorv 1). There we met up with to friends of our host. My bottle of sweet cider did cost 50 dkk (6.7€). Our friend had his dinner there, and the food looked nice. They serve brunch (plates) as well! Quite expensive though (as everything else)… ~170 dkk (22.8€) for a plate…

From Europa we went to a very nice cocktail bar, Ruby (Gammel Strand 10). They have a very long cocktail list; but I’d recommend you to ask the bartender for a recommendation! The cocktails tasted very good. And weren’t too cheap; 99 dkk (13.3€) each.

4th of March.

I spent the day in shops and cafés on Strøget with J. However, I didn’t by anything else than chocolate pralines and jam. J did do some more shopping. I was too cheap to do that.

In the afternoon we went back home and started to prepare the dinner we had promised our host and his friends, in order to thank them for taking care of us. After the dinner we went to a bar downtown. There we met with two friends to one of the guys; two Swedish girls working in Copenhagen. It was a calm bar where we had a drink while chatting. The next bar was more laud and it was time to dance; in The Dubliner. Our friends had told us a lot about a “special” bar called The Moose. A bar where people are allowed to smoke, the alcohol is cheaper and the walls are covered in messages from the guests. We went there, before it was time to start to think about going home . I’ve to say that I’ve a hard time in places where smoking is allowed. That’s after I got used to “clean” bars and nightclubs. Before I didn’t think too much about it, and the smoke didn’t bother me. But now, when I’ve experienced how much nicer it is without the smoke (especially the day after), it annoys me. Well, we had our drinks there and finished the night with a night-sandwich at one of the friend’s place.

dsc01174The Dubliner.

5th of March.

I got up after five hours of sleep and realised that my friend J hadn’t come back home yet. A few hours later, when I just had got in the shower, I heard someone knocking on the door. It was J. She had been outside, trying to get indoors, for a long time (that’s at least how she felt). She had tried to call everybody, but just got to a danish lady saying the numbers were unreachable at the moment. Poor J didn’t grew up at a border to a country. I did; and all the numbers in my telephone book are sawed with the prefixes +46…/+358…/etc. Makes calling abroad much easier. Makes it possible.

J slept on the sofa the whole day. I did watch TV and read my book. At 19:00 it was time to catch the train back home. But before that I enjoyed a dry pizza slice at the airport; for 30 dkk (4€).



Interesting, how strong the memory connected to smells is.

I bought a new body lotion just before I left for Denmark. For the weekend date with the Dane.

Every time I use that lotion, I’m back to his room. Where I used the lotion for the first time.

Århus, Denmark.

Århus. So “danish”. It is Denmark’s second biggest town. I loved the atmosphere. A lot of shops. Pubs. Bars. Narrow streets. Nice restaurants. The architecture. I just love it.

I got to join the birthday celebrations of one friend of the Dane. Everybody was really nice to me. But since I was the only one who could not understand Danish, I did not want to ask them to change the language. Not even when they said they could. So there I sat on the sofa. Trying to understand the conversations. But I did not. I spoke with some of the persons at the party. But most of the time I just sat and drank my drink(s). It ended up with me getting way too drunk. Fortunately not in the way that I would have had to vomit. I just got too tired. Some people might now say I have a problem with alcohol. I do not want to jump to conclusions. The Dane took me back to his place. After that he went back to the party. No harm done.

The weekend was really nice. I could not have asked for more. The Dane has one of the nicest personalities I have found. And there is something with him…
But we are too different. We want different things in life.

Train From Aalborg to Århus, Denmark.

OK. It is time to try to finish the story about my trip to Denmark.

The train trip to Århus went smoothly. A modern train. Displays above the seats showing for which part of the trip the seat was reserved. The door to the toilet was too modern for me, some teenagers had to show me how to open the door. Poor design. One of the many things I have learnt; if there is something I do not understand how to use, is because of poor design. After about two hours the train arrived to Århus train station.

And there he was. Waiting for me. And the first moments were just like I had hoped they would be. The rest was more than good as well. But I had not had any day-dreams of those moments.

Train From Frederikshavn To Aalborg, Denmark.

In Frederikshavn I changed from the ferry to a train.

The train trip from Frederikshavn to Aalborg takes about one hour. On Friday that hour went by fast.
Four guys sat down next to me. Polite as they were, they did offer me a glass of their Estonian wine. Since I am who I am, I do not say no to an offer like that one. From that moment on we were friends. Chatting. Laughing. Taking photos. Changing mail addresses. Who said northern people are hard to make friends with? Not with a little bit of alcohol in the system. I never really understood who they were. One knew Swedish. Three knew Estonian. One knew Spanish. One understood Finnish. All four knew English. I was surprised when they told me they are
all doing their master’s thesis in Gothenburg. Because they looked younger. They behaved like younger people do*. I felt I had found my people. Persons who live similar lives to mine. They sounded quite smart, when they said what they had studied. Nano. Bio.

The guys stayed in Aalborg and went on a Halloween party. I crossed the platform and got on my train to Århus.


Outside the train station, Frederikshavn.
The architecture in Denmark is different compared with Sweden.
Unfortunatelly this is the only photo I took, during the whole trip.

* My own definition.

Ferry From Gothenburg, Sweden, To Frederikshavn, Denmark.

I like to travel alone. Do what I want. When I want. Have time to think about whatever. And to study the people.

On the ferry from Gothenburg to Frederikshavn I sat on the sofas next to the slot machines. The second the machines were turned on, the room was filled with old people and families. And a constant sound of one crown coins hitting metal with them.



It reminded me about an event in my childhood. My grandmother had a kiosk. Where I practically grew up. Between the sweets and slot machines. With unlimited access to sweets and gaming. One year I got to go on a ferry trip organized by RAY with my mother and grandmother. RAY, Finland’s Slot Machine Association, is owned by the Finnish state and has monopoly to operate slot machines and to run a casino in Finland. What I remember from the trip, is the eat-as-much-as-you-want-of-free-soft-ice-cream and that I won a lot on the slot machines.

On Friday I did not check my luck. I did not want to leave my sofa. In case somebody else would take my place. The ferry was not even close to be full. There were plenty of places where to sit. So I do not actually know why I was worried about that. Anyway. I did not move my butt more than a few centimetres, in 3,5 hours.