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Shrove Tuesday and that means it’s time to eat a Semla.

I’ve eaten the “fake” version, the ones with jam instead of almond paste, because I haven’t liked the paste. But since it’s the year when I’ll try three new things, I decided to give the almond paste a chance. I don’t know if it was because I was starwing… but I did like it!

I know it wasn’t 100% something I’ve never before tried… but in my opinion it counts. I did give something I’ve before rejected a chance. Now I’ve tried one new thing during this year. Well. It’s the second thing actually. I did eat artichoke for the first time a few weeks ago. It was the first time I had the chance to do it, kind of. That was when I was served the most thoughtful dinner ever. These two things should count for one “new”.


Yeap. I start with the lid.
No, it’s not snow outside. Just wet cobblestones.


The Easter-Cock.

The company I work for, a consultancy company, gave me a basket filled with candies to give to the persons I work with. In the company where I work at the moment. An “Easter-basket”. Filled with 2 kg of chocolate eggs and other candies.

Luckily I do not sit too close to the others in my “group” yet. In this way I needed a reason to pass by the candies. Less temptation. For a person with a weak character.

But today, before going home. I went to the basket, and picked a few candies. Without an excuse to visit that part of the office. To have something to eat on my way home.
I deserved it. After a long day. Sitting in front of a computer.

Now I’m going to buy my own candies. For the train trip tomorrow. And because it’s Easter.
Since I was a child I’ve got Kinder-eggs every morning during the Easter (since my mother didn’t know on which day the Easter-cock* is supposed to come with the candies to children). Why not continue with a nice tradition?

** My Swedish friends got a visit from the Easter-rabbit. But in our family it was a cock who came with the chocolate eggs and candies. A Finnish tradition I suppose. In the morning (every morning during the Easter in my case) I could find a basket filled with candies under my bed.


Sitting here while my glögg is getting warm.

Glögg (English: Mulled wine, German: Glühwein) is a part of our Christmas tradition. It’s not too difficult to make your own glögg of wine and spices. But since there’s plenty of different ready-made glögg in the shops and Systembolaget, I don’t see the point in doing things more difficult than necessary. Today I’m going to taste a glögg I haven’t tried before. A friend of mine did recommend me to buy a bottle of Blossa‘s glögg with cognac. But in the liquor store, Systembolaget, I realized I wasn’t sure if I like cognac. And decided to take a bottle of glögg with rum instead.

Now I’m going to drink it, eat gingerbread cookies and watch a movie.


Advent Calendar.

I’ve received a chocolate advent calendar*!
My mother has sent it to me.

I know I’m not 5 years old any more. But it’s fun anyway. And why should advent calendars be for kids only?

The calendar has got little damaged on the way. Some of the doors are open. But my parents have educated me well. And also I’ve always been clever. They told me it’s not fun to eat all the chocolate the first day. It’s better to take one each day, just as you’re supposed. I never doubted that. Some of my friends did. And not only once. Some never learnt.

* From Wikipedia: The traditional calendar consists of two pieces of cardboard on top of each other. Twenty four doors are cut out in the top layer, with one door being opened every day, from December 1 to December 24 (Christmas Eve). Each compartment can either show a part of the Nativity story and the birth of Jesus, or can simply display a piece of paraphernalia to do with Christmas (e.g. Bells, holly). Many calendars have been adapted by merchandisers and manufacturers to include a piece of chocolate or a sweet behind each compartment, aimed at children. These have often been criticised for not relating to the Nativity and simply cashing in on Christmas sales. These are aimed at small children who are counting down to Christmas, because that is when Santa Claus comes.

Didn’t know the “Christian” story. For me it has always been about the count down to Santa’s visit…

Aladdin, A Christmas Ingredient.

I love chocolate. Luckily I am less addicted to chocolate now. Than what I was before.

Yesterday they had a “chocolate tasting” event in one of the shops in the building where I sit during the days. It is a book/paper/present shop. There are many other shops as well. I could buy new glasses here. If I did need glasses. I could have my clothes washed here while I am working. If I was rich. I could buy flowers here. If I would want to. I could eat in a restaurant every day if I wanted to. But I do not. Not every day. I can have my hair cut here. And I do. There are many shops here. I only miss a grocery store. With a grocery store here, they would have everything I need. Almost. On Fridays I would need one more shop. For weekend fun.

I liked the Baileys truffles chocolate. A lot. Tomorrow I will buy one box of those. And eat it during the Christmas holidays. Because that is when you are supposed to eat nice chocolate. In 99% of the Swedish homes you can find an Aladdin (or Paradis, without dark chocolate) chocolate box during the Christmas time. The percentage is from my own, really reliable, studies. I thought that this Christmas we in my family also could have one more fancy alternative. A Baileys truffles chocolate box. Be a little different.


Smells Like Christmas.

Finally it is here. The satsumas season!

The smell of satsumas/clementines/mandarins is an ingredient in Christmas. Christmas is still far away. But it is this time I like more. The wait for Christmas. Pre-Christmas. Much nicer than Christmas Eve itself.

I bought a huge bag of satsumas today.
Now I need to control myself. And not eat all at once. I know eating all gives me stomachache. But sometimes it happens that I do not listen to myself. Not before it is too late.

Cinnamon Bun Day.

4th of October.
It is the Cinnamon bun day (kanelbullens dag) today.

On my way to the office today I crossed Drottningtorget, like I everyday do. All the boys and girls handling different free newspapers to the people on their way to work and school were there as well. But not everything was like the other days. Today the girls were giving cinnamon buns with the Metro!

I realized it too late.


The Christmas gift of year 2006.

When everyone had the stomach full of good Christmas food, and after a while of waiting, Santa finally arrived with his bags full of gifts to everyone who had been good during the past year. A little chatting with Santa and a few notes on the piano, before the gifts were distributed to the correct receiver. As always, the youngest had the biggest pile. When Santa was on his way to the next house, the unwrapping started.

The Christmas gift of year 2006 turned out to be: Amazing Amanda.
If you ask my 4-years old godchild M.
In the eagerness to begin playing with Amazing Amanda, this intelligent doll that requires several minutes of programming, the “start-up” wasn’t seriously done (which the parents of this young mother of Amanda got to regret early the next morning). “Press my hand until I say the correct answer…”, “What time is it? 1,2,3..” “Should I take the change to summertime into consideration” Were the first things Amazing Amanda demanded to know. It continued with:
Amazing Amanda: “Mother, I like to hear your nice voice. Could you say my name?”
M: “Amanta.”
Amazing Amanda: “Mother, I like to hear your nice voice. Could you say my name?”
Amazing Amanda: “Mother, I like to hear your nice voice. Could you say my name?”
M: “Amanda.”
Amazing Amanda:“Mother, I like you.”
M: “I like you too. I love you.”
M doesn’t understand that Amanda is an intelligent doll, but can’t really understand her. Poor girl tried to explain to the doll many things, without any bigger success. But this time, though, did Amanda to my surprise reply: “I love you too.”
The rest of the night Amanda was a really demanding child. Her 4-years old mother didn’t manage to meet the request before a new one came. Even if Amanda isn’t the easiest child, M didn’t get angry nor tired of her during the whole night.
Amanda’s wake up time had been set to 06:00, during the programming before playing with Amazing Amanda, it was at that time the next morning Amanda’s batteries were taken from her for the first time.

Note to myself: If you are lucky to one day have your own children, think twice before you pay 100€ for something like Amazing Amanda.

M and Santa.

It’s not easy to smile moments like this…