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Could have been worse.

I wasn’t in a hurry.
But somehow I managed to take a pair of normal panties with me, instead of my bikini panties.

Oh well. I don’t think anybody noticed.

To do 2009; 7.

On Thursday I went to the office, and signed a paper.

Yes, I’ve received the information that I’ve been given a notice of lay off due to lack of work.

One more task for 2009; find a new job.


Shrove Tuesday and that means it’s time to eat a Semla.

I’ve eaten the “fake” version, the ones with jam instead of almond paste, because I haven’t liked the paste. But since it’s the year when I’ll try three new things, I decided to give the almond paste a chance. I don’t know if it was because I was starwing… but I did like it!

I know it wasn’t 100% something I’ve never before tried… but in my opinion it counts. I did give something I’ve before rejected a chance. Now I’ve tried one new thing during this year. Well. It’s the second thing actually. I did eat artichoke for the first time a few weeks ago. It was the first time I had the chance to do it, kind of. That was when I was served the most thoughtful dinner ever. These two things should count for one “new”.


Yeap. I start with the lid.
No, it’s not snow outside. Just wet cobblestones.


To do 2009; 6.

I’m sure that many of my friends think that I’m the master of pre-prepared food cooking.

This year I’m going to change that.
No more spice mixes (or less, at least); no more Santa Maria spice mix guacamole (without trace of avocado) but guacamole of avocados. No more unnecessary E numbers. More food from real raw materials.

Göteborg; Hotel Liseberg Heden.

For about two weeks ago my childhood friends visited me here in Göteborg.

They arrived late on Friday. Since they had been working and travelling for hours, we decided to stay at my place. Drinking wine and chatting. Nice, as always with good friends. We called and made a reservation for a table, for the Saturday brunch at Hotel Liseberg Heden.

That’s where we started on Saturday. We were lucky to get a table at the window. Much nicer than in the middle of everything… The brunch was really good; mini marshmallows with melted chocolate, pancakes, omelets, fruits, brownies and other cakes, salmon sandwiches, hamburgers,… It costs 149 Sek. Eat as much as you can, during 1,5 hours. A normal price for that kind of brunch in Göteborg. The atmosphere was nice; cozy and calm. Families with small children were there at the same time, but the noise level got never too high. The brunch is served in a hotel restaurant, which is designed for the purpose. In comparison to some other brunch places. After the brunch we went shopping, before it was time to go back home and get ready for the first quarter finals of Melodifestivalen. The winner of Melodifestivalen will represent Sweden in the Eurovision song contest. We saw it live in Scandinavium! Normally I’m not too much for this kind of happenings… but this was more fun than I thought it could be. Interesting to see “behind” the TV cameras of this kind of show. When the show was over, we went to have a drink in Heaven 23; a restaurant/bar located on the top floor of Gothia Towers, next to Scandinavium. They are by the way supposed to serve the best shrimp sandwiches in town.

To do 2009; 5.

I’ve been living with myself for a while now, and know myself quite well. Therefore I know that there is a risk the year wont continue in the same way as it has begun.

I’ve a tendency to do sports periodically.

I go to the swimming pool for a week or two. After that I’ve weeks when I don’t have time/I’m ill/some other excuse.

So, my goal is to do sports at least as many times as there are weeks. That is 53 times during 2009. So far I’ve been to the swimming pool seven times. 53 – 7 = 46 times to go.

To do 2009; 3.

We didn’t manage to meet during the last year, due to different reasons. My University friends. One of them lives in Göteborg, and we meet every week. Since I moved here, for 1,5 years ago. We spend a lot of time together. But after they left the University (I stayed there longer), I’ve not spent more than one weekend per year with the others. I’ll do my best to find the time and money for a weekend in the north. Since that’s where we’ve said the next meeting will be.

To do 2009; 2.

My oldest friends. My childhood friends. They don’t live far away. We all grew up in the same town in the north. And all of us live in the south of Sweden today. Not in the same city. But the longest distance between us is Göteborg – Stockholm. And that’s not too far… However, we all have our lives and different schedules. Many past years we’ve not spent more than a few hours together; when we all have been in our hometown during Christmas and summer. The two last years we’ve met for a weekend. One weekend in Stockholm and the other in Eskilstuna (located west of Stockholm). Now the turn has come to Göteborg. We’ve been speaking about meeting in the beginning of February. I hope we manage to do that, and that all of us come.

To do 2009; 1.

Since I learnt to know them, that’s exactly 5 years ago, I’ve met them once a year. Sometimes more often. Some years I’ve spent more time with some of them, living relatively far away, than with other friends. I hope we won’t break the custom this year. I want to see my dear Oulu friends during 2009 as well.