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Young in the soul.

One of my university friends is pregnant. Unplanned.

42. You find teenage mums shocking and very strange; because you don’t know anyone who had a child before 25 and you thought that was young.

Facebook group “You know you are from Sweden when…”

Well. My friend isn’t teenager. She’s 27. I realize it’s not young, but it feels young. Somehow children seem far away, for my part.


Sometimes A No Would Be Good.

I need to reevaluate my own value.

I do things I shouldn’t, because I don’t appreciate myself enough.
I let some people treat me bad, because I don’t appreciate myself enough.

I need to do a reevaluation, and learn to say no.

Apple Newbie.

For the first time in my life I’ve picked apples from the tree.

No, we don’t have fruit trees in the north of Sweden.

When I was going to take my first bite, I started to wonder if there are dangerous apples. Can apples, from a garden, be poisonous? It’s not a garden of a step mother to any princess. Blueberries (plenty of berries in the north, therefore my knowledge about berries a little better) have a “relative” which looks really similar. The only difference is that instead of a circular mark, it has a mark that looks more like a star. I’ve been told that these berries can make you stomach upset. There are many mushrooms not meant to be eaten also. So why not apples? I’ve only heard about two poisonous apples in my whole life. One was in a story where a snake spoke and the other in a story where a princess was sent to the forest.

Would she understand what to do with it?

Today I was in the toy shop buying a gift to my god-daughter.

I had difficulties to decide what to buy.

I thought that next year I could buy her pens, stickers, and letter paper.
That’s what I was happy to get when I was 7 years old. Material to use when writing letters.

But then I realised that I’m not sure if the kids today write letters?

A Lot Of M’s. Where Is The Rest Of The Alphabet?

A highly interesting thing, that I realized.

Since I moved to Gothenburg, I’ve met the interesting* guys just before going on a trip.
M when I went to Valencia in September.
MS when I went back home-home for Christmas.
MJ when I went back home-home to do my thesis presentation.
Yesterday I went on a spontaneous (and very nice) date with G. Tomorrow I leave for Madrid.

Perhaps this will end differently. His first name doesn’t begin with the letter M. Could that be a sign?

A reflection: Names beginning with the letter M seem to have been popular in the end of 70’s/beginning of 80’s. At least for boys. Also the Dane has a name that begins with a M. Marcus is the name behind two of the M’s. And Mikael behind the two other. How interesting isn’t that? ; )

* There is still something after the first date.


I’m bored.

I know I shouldn’t complain, because soon I’ll have much less time. And a much less flexible life.

But today I’m bored.

Of course there are things I could do. I could go downtown and take a walk in the shops. The problem is that it isn’t fun when I can’t buy anything. I can’t buy anything because I want to save the money for my trips in March. I’ll enjoy the money better then. Well. Today I’m going to pick up the rest of the forks and knives my grandparents bought to me. A graduation present. Tomorrow I’ll actually spend a little money. I’ve planned to go on AfterWork with my friend E. Oh yes. And before the AfterWork I’m going to Make Up Store. They’ll (hopefully!) give me a nice make up, and I’ll also get to choose some products. A Christmas gift, to me from me.

The next coming days aren’t too bad. I realize now.

Not My Humour.

Yesterday I went to do my shopping in the supermarket around two o’clock in the afternoon.
It was me and the retired people.

I was walking around in the shop, in my own thoughts trying to decide what to eat, when an old woman came to me. Excuse me, may I bother you?, she asked. The good Samaritan that I am, I thought she needed help with something and replied Yes, of course. She made a joke about a sign saying ‘Skjut‘. It referred to the freezer doors, and means slide/shove. But the Swedish word skjut has several meanings. It also means shoot. About this fact the old woman made a joke. I did my best to laugh, and get away from her as soon as possible. It didn’t even help to think that she probably just needed to talk with somebody.

Never again. Grocery stores before 16:00 on weekdays.

Red Wine Knowledge.

For how long is an opened bottle of red wine good to drink?

If one glass of wine is taken from a bottle, the bottle of wine will last for 5-6 days. Will it be ok to drink the wine on the last day? Or would it be better to use bigger glasses/buy smaller bottles?

Back again.

So. After almost two weeks in the north, I’m back to Gothenburg again.

15 minutes after the plain had landed I received a welcome back message to my phone. 45 minutes after that, I was invited to spend the night in a big house, with TV and wine. I’m not the kind of girl who says no to an offer like that! All time that I don’t have to spend in my room, is welcome. I like the room, it’s not because of that. But I’m sure I’ll have more than plenty of time to sit in my room, alone. So why not?

Talking about wine. One thing I’ve learned during the last days, is that red wine is good. Well, that’s what the southern Europeans have been saying all the time. But I’ve got “proof” now. The validity of it, I don’t care too much about. It’s good for the heart/veins (I don’t remember, but it’s good for the health and that’s the important thing). Southern Europeans have less heart (or had it something to do with the blood circulation? Anyway, who cares about the details?) problems, in comparison to northern. And it seems that it might have to do with the wine. Grape juice is good as well. So is vodka also. But since red wine is a combination of these two (alcohol and grape), it should be even better. They didn’t say anything about the Russians, who like the vodka as French like their wine. Perhaps the vodka leads easier to problems with other systems in the body?
Anyway, from now on I’ll try to drink small amounts of red wine more often.

I started my new healthier life yesterday, and continue today.

Close Your Mouth.

Some time ago, a woman was sitting in front of me in the bus. We were facing each other. I was in my thoughts, and she was doing her stuff.

A girl got on the bus and sat down on the seat next to the woman. The girl had a book with her, in which she was reading.

But within a minute, the girl stood up.

I didn’t understand why. Why did the girl prefer to read the book standing next to the seat?

Then I heard it.
schmack, schmack

The woman was chewing her chewing gum with open mouth!

It produces a lot of sounds. Annoying sounds.
It doesn’t look nice.
Why do some persons still eat/chew with open mouth?


Interesting, how strong the memory connected to smells is.

I bought a new body lotion just before I left for Denmark. For the weekend date with the Dane.

Every time I use that lotion, I’m back to his room. Where I used the lotion for the first time.

I’d Adopt Her.

On the flight from Stockholm to Gothenburg on Tuesday I sat next to a girl.

I got to know she was going to visit her mother for a few days.
She also told me she was going to turn 11 in exactly two months. When I asked he if she was looking forward to get older (which I was, in her age), she told me she wasn’t. She had understood getting older equals to more responsibilities. Clever girl. Knows to appreciate the childhood.


Somebody has typed “what do people eat in sweden” in a search engine and found my blog.

That reminds me of when I was about 10 years old and everybody in my class had a pen-pal in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. My only memories from the correspondence are the two questions a classmate got from his pen-pal. Do you’ve polar bears walking on the streets in Sweden? Do you eat rice in Sweden? No. No polar bears in Sweden. Not in the freedom. But we do eat rice. Even Uncle Ben’s rice.

For years ago I heard somebody say Sweden is the most Americanized country in Europe. What happens in USA, happens in Sweden 10 years later. Swedish children are starting to get weight problems. Perhaps the statement could be true. Good comes with bad. And vice verse. Anyway. I was happy to hear McDonald’s had to close down their northernmost restaurant in Sweden. In a town where I lived for about seven years. They’ve had to close down in some other cities in the north as well. They didn’t have enough costumers. Anybody who has tried the alternatives, understand why.

Also Coca-cola is unhappy with their sales figures around Christmas time in Sweden. That I’ll tell you about some other day.

Black Darkness.

Often I’ve heard persons from the south of Sweden complain about the darkness in the north. I don’t understand why. The days in the south are little longer (in the winter). But in the north they have snow now. Darkness with snow is less dark. Here dark is black. And wet.


08:00 Walking to the tram stop.



16:00 Walking to the bus stop.



When I was younger I couldn’t understand how it was possible for my parents to not to remember their age.

Now I can.

My mind seems to have decided 25 is a good age for me. That’s what automatically comes out from my mouth when I’m asked. Of course I directly realize it’s not correct. And do mental arithmetic.

Looking For Miniatures.

Since I am going to London for just a few days, I will only take hand luggage with me. It is also cheaper. 0 luggage checked in = 0 extra money to be paid. I don’t want to sound too cheap. Therefore lets also remember I will save some time in this way. No waiting at the luggage belt.

But. Not checking in any luggage means everything liquid has to fit in a 1 liter plastic bag. Aiih. Who came up with the idea that make-up remover, toothpaste, perfume, lotions, mascara, nose spray, hairspray, shampoo, conditioner, hair wax, deodorant, and etc. has to fit in a 1 liter bag? And no container with liquid can be bigger than 1 dl. No matter the amount of liquid in the container. Who got to decide the maximum size for the containers? And the size for the bag all these containers have to fit in? What are these maximum sizes based on? Why is there a maximum size for a container? I am allowed to take an empty water bottle with me, no matter the size. Why can’t I bring 1 dl of make-up remover in a 1,5 dl bottle? Is 1 liter the limit for if it is possible to produce something devastating, or not?
If somebody wants to take down a plane, they will find a way to do it. A “maximum 1 liter of liquids” limit is not going to stop that person.
It just makes packing more difficult.


I would like to have a pair of black leather gloves.


Everybody working in the area where I sit during the days seems to have one pair. Women. Men. I want to be one in the group. Adult.

The gloves would also protect my hands from all the bacterias. On the “stop” buttons in the buses and trams. Door handles. I do not have time or energy to get the “winter flu”. Therefore I should do everything in my power to protect myself from the bacterias. People coughing in public; do not get close to me!


Did not have to wait until Saturday to get something else to think about.
This is not the cure. But it helps. For a while. A little.

This guy started to send me text messages again.
Now he says he can not forget about the night. And would like to meet me. Sober.

I promised him a coffee. Perhaps it can help him. Make him understand he that night saw me through the bottom of the beer glass he just had finished. He did take me home the night we met. So I guess I can do him this favour. I have decided that is what he wants. He did not tell me.

I do not care. As long as I get something else to think about.
My brain does not want to understand this might just take me deeper.


Would it be normal to travel 190 km for a date?

In Iowa.

Today I learnt that kids, when they turn 14, are allowed to drive a car in Iowa, USA. 14!?!

And I have been told that kids under 13 are not capable to drive a bike safetly in the traffic.