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A Lot Of M’s. Where Is The Rest Of The Alphabet?

A highly interesting thing, that I realized.

Since I moved to Gothenburg, I’ve met the interesting* guys just before going on a trip.
M when I went to Valencia in September.
MS when I went back home-home for Christmas.
MJ when I went back home-home to do my thesis presentation.
Yesterday I went on a spontaneous (and very nice) date with G. Tomorrow I leave for Madrid.

Perhaps this will end differently. His first name doesn’t begin with the letter M. Could that be a sign?

A reflection: Names beginning with the letter M seem to have been popular in the end of 70’s/beginning of 80’s. At least for boys. Also the Dane has a name that begins with a M. Marcus is the name behind two of the M’s. And Mikael behind the two other. How interesting isn’t that? ; )

* There is still something after the first date.



Interesting, how strong the memory connected to smells is.

I bought a new body lotion just before I left for Denmark. For the weekend date with the Dane.

Every time I use that lotion, I’m back to his room. Where I used the lotion for the first time.



I celebrated the last night in Gothenburg, year 2007, with my friend E.

Only seconds before going to get my jacket, I fell on the floor. You know. There’s something wet on the floor, and you just gliiiiide. Don’t you? The result was a wound due to glass on the floor. Luckily(?) there was a man in his 50:es standing just in front of me. And he felt he’s call was to take care of me. I did let him take care of me until we got to the warderobe. There I made it clear for him I had do go home.

At the tram stop I met an immigrant. He had been learning Swedish for seven months. “How come you’re so beautiful? I’ve to ask Allah.” was his line. Sweet. I think. I was impressed of the level of his Swedish. I told him, and his friends, I’d like to know arabic better. I’d like to. Really. But everybody tells me it’s way too difficult. And I believe it’s.

On the tram I met two Swedish guys. One of the guys was doubting he’d made the correct choise, when dumping the girlfriend. In my opinion yes. We talked about that, until the guys went of the tram.

Btw. We were in the bar where I met the Dane. Couldn’t stop thinking of him in the whole night. That bar = the Dane.


Picture “borrowed” from the Dane’s band’s myspace.
The Dane to the right. I still find him hot.

Århus, Denmark.

Århus. So “danish”. It is Denmark’s second biggest town. I loved the atmosphere. A lot of shops. Pubs. Bars. Narrow streets. Nice restaurants. The architecture. I just love it.

I got to join the birthday celebrations of one friend of the Dane. Everybody was really nice to me. But since I was the only one who could not understand Danish, I did not want to ask them to change the language. Not even when they said they could. So there I sat on the sofa. Trying to understand the conversations. But I did not. I spoke with some of the persons at the party. But most of the time I just sat and drank my drink(s). It ended up with me getting way too drunk. Fortunately not in the way that I would have had to vomit. I just got too tired. Some people might now say I have a problem with alcohol. I do not want to jump to conclusions. The Dane took me back to his place. After that he went back to the party. No harm done.

The weekend was really nice. I could not have asked for more. The Dane has one of the nicest personalities I have found. And there is something with him…
But we are too different. We want different things in life.

Train From Aalborg to Århus, Denmark.

OK. It is time to try to finish the story about my trip to Denmark.

The train trip to Århus went smoothly. A modern train. Displays above the seats showing for which part of the trip the seat was reserved. The door to the toilet was too modern for me, some teenagers had to show me how to open the door. Poor design. One of the many things I have learnt; if there is something I do not understand how to use, is because of poor design. After about two hours the train arrived to Århus train station.

And there he was. Waiting for me. And the first moments were just like I had hoped they would be. The rest was more than good as well. But I had not had any day-dreams of those moments.


Did not have to wait until Saturday to get something else to think about.
This is not the cure. But it helps. For a while. A little.

This guy started to send me text messages again.
Now he says he can not forget about the night. And would like to meet me. Sober.

I promised him a coffee. Perhaps it can help him. Make him understand he that night saw me through the bottom of the beer glass he just had finished. He did take me home the night we met. So I guess I can do him this favour. I have decided that is what he wants. He did not tell me.

I do not care. As long as I get something else to think about.
My brain does not want to understand this might just take me deeper.

Pretending It Is Sunday.

Yesterday afternoon I felt tired. In an I-am-getting-ill way. So I told my buddies in the “thesis-room” that I might stay home and work today, if I did not feel better. I do not feel ill today. But I decided to stay at home anyway.

I felt I needed to have a Sunday.
And wear pyjamas the whole day.

I want it to be Saturday. So I can find something else to think of.


I am feeling blue.
Because it is over now.

I knew it.

If it had not ended like this.
It would have come to nothing.

Two different ways. The same destination.

But it does not mean I can not feel blue.

The Cuccaracha Diet.

Back from Denmark.
Need to recharge my batteries before I can continue.

A Weekend Date.

I am going to do it.
The tickets are booked.


Would it be normal to travel 190 km for a date?

Master’s Thesis, Day 34(100).

Today there was no email from the Dane waiting in my mailbox when I arrived to the office.

But it is Friday. Again!
And my new* mobile phone is not telling me that the next time the alarm will ring is 06:45! I have set one alarm to wake me up at that time five days a week, Monday – Friday. Tomorrow there will not be any alarm waking me up!

* Some days ago a guy called me. He told me that I had to change the mobile contract I had. It does not exist anymore he said. He offered me a contract which is more advantageous than the one I had. He was not only offering me a better contract, but also a new phone, a bluetooth earphone and a memory card! So now I am a happy owner of a SonyEricsson K810i (The same as you Alfredo! :)). I know there is a new one out now, but I can not complain. Especially not when I got the phone for free!

Still Wakes Me Up.

I thought I had grown out from it.
But no.
I still find it irresistible sexy (on the right guy)!


Low worn trousers and a pyramid (or similar) belt.
(Photo borrowed)

M, Moved To the Archive.

He looked (I know he is not dead; but for me he is now something in the past, and therefore I will use the past tense) good on the paper. Carpenter and engineer. A handy man with money. The dream. To be able to say “I would like the room to look like this and this”, and he would know how to fulfil my wish. And he would have the money to do it. There would not be any issues about me earning more either. Singer in a band. I can not keep the note for one cent. Somebody should sing for the children I hopefully someday in the future will have. It is not going to be me. I can not subject anybody to that kind of torture. The age. I am looking for somebody that is a few years older than me. Or, actually it does not have anything to do with the age. I want somebody mature. Somebody who knows what he wants with his life. Somebody who is done with playing around. He also had one of the nicest pair of eyes I have ever seen.
Of course there were many “buts” as well. Too many actually. But since it was nice to have somebody to do things with, I tried to not think about them. The height. I would like to end up with somebody a little taller than me. I am not tall, and M was not many centimetres taller than me. Somebody who is about one head taller than me, that would be perfect. I like the feeling of that the man could protect me; with his body. I like the feeling of a tall guy embracing me. I do not need any guy with ex-girlfriend issues. M had been single for years, but I got the feeling he had not come over her totally. Also the passion was missing. I tried to convince myself it would come. Yeah, yeah. Somewhere inside me I knew passion is not anything you wait to grow. Meeting the Dane reminded me about how it is supposed to feel.


One week ago I realized Danish could be sexy.
Today I am in love with one Dane.

Unfortunately it is never going to happen…