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My home, 081005.

The hall. One week after I had bought the MALM, I finally had it standing in my hall. It was bigger than I had thought, and I feel it’s too big for the space. I’ll try to change the place of it and my “piece of art” (a Marimekko fabric). When I’ve the energy to do it. And some help. But this will be fine for so long.

The TV corner. Still missing a lot. I know. I’ve a curtain rod waiting. G was supposed to help me with it. And some other things. But it looks like it’s not going to happen. Unfortunately. Not only because of the curtain rod… He’s a person I’d like to have in my life. Somewhere. But you can’t force people.


When the mind doesn’t control the heart.

Did I say that G was moved to the archives?

He should.
But I can’t do it.
And he doesn’t make it easier for me.

He has a big place in my heart.
Somebody else has to take over that place, before I can get over G.

We still keep in contact. We meet often.
Most of the things are as they were when we were dating. Except for the fact that we aren’t dating.

G to the archives.

G is different.
Things with G were different.

But it doesn’t matter now, because the right feelings weren’t there.

Now we’ll see if the lack of blogging inspiration was because of G or the nicer weather.

A sign of life.

I don’t have Internet at home at the moment.
Or I don’t have a computer with wireless Internet, to be correct. Only when I’ve the energy to carry my work laptop with me home. Happens some Fridays. But who sits indoors with the weather we’ve had lately?!

The forecast for this weekend promises 25-30 degrees Celcius! That means more sunbathing! More ice-cream!

Göteborg is so beautiful now. Green, water, and perfect weather.

I’ve bought a bike. I’m so proud of myself! This week I’ve taken the bike to work, instead of the tram, three days! It’s 7km one way.

Tonight I’m at G‘s place. With Internet. But more interesting things to do.

What did happen with G?

I told you G is different!
He’s still in the picture. After minor confusions.


I came back to Sweden from Spain.
G left Sweden for Spain.

And I wait.
For the call he promised me.

A Lot Of M’s. Where Is The Rest Of The Alphabet?

A highly interesting thing, that I realized.

Since I moved to Gothenburg, I’ve met the interesting* guys just before going on a trip.
M when I went to Valencia in September.
MS when I went back home-home for Christmas.
MJ when I went back home-home to do my thesis presentation.
Yesterday I went on a spontaneous (and very nice) date with G. Tomorrow I leave for Madrid.

Perhaps this will end differently. His first name doesn’t begin with the letter M. Could that be a sign?

A reflection: Names beginning with the letter M seem to have been popular in the end of 70’s/beginning of 80’s. At least for boys. Also the Dane has a name that begins with a M. Marcus is the name behind two of the M’s. And Mikael behind the two other. How interesting isn’t that? ; )

* There is still something after the first date.