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A Blank Lottery Ticket, Once Again.

I brought nice wine and strawberry/sweet chili/white wine crisps (seemd so strange that I just had to buy). He didn’t open any of them.

And now we’ve realized “it” was missing. That little special something.

Well. He had cooked an amazing dinner for me, at least.
The most thoughtful dinner I’ve ever been served.


Flirting; Do’s and Don’ts.

Text message (my translation):

Hi, Pia! Come, and let’s have sexy times

Sexy times are his words. Without translation.

I didn’t know how to react. Especially when the text message came from a guy I saw as a possible friend.

Hunting Season 2008, MA.


Two substantives that describe the feeling.
After one night out, one text message, and one phone call.

Hunting Season 2008, C4.

Why am I drawn to him?

He’s hot.
He’s interesting.
He’s kind.

But according to what he says, he’s not what I’m looking for.

Hunting Season 2008, D2.

An Austrian.
A walk and fika.

But there is nothing. Not this time either.

Rest of the evening I’ll spend in a VIP lounge in Scandinavium. Listening/watching to Leonard Cohen! Invited as a “client”. This is something I got to know 2 hours ago. I can’t complain about my life. Not at the moment.

Hunting Season 2008, C3.

A guy who is honest from the first moment.

He can’t stand expectations.

Then I know not to have any expectations.

Hunting Season 2008, C2.

On Friday I had a second date with my antithesis.

He makes me feel good and comfortable.
He’s huggish, just in the way I like.
He didn’t have any problems to blend in with my friends.

He’s a complicated guy.
Difficult to read.

Autumn Storm.

I was prepared for a stormy day. I had made sure I had everything I could need for an autumn day indoors. I had food and snacks home. I had bought a book to read.

I could hear the storm in the night. But when I got up, the sky was blue and there was no storm to see. But since I had been looking forward to a day at home, on my coach, I decided not to change the plan. I’ve been on the run the whole week, and needed a day doing nothing. I even said no to a second date with D. I just didn’t feel like getting representable.

Fortunatelly the weather changed, rain and hard wind, in the afternoon. So in the end I didn’t even have to feel bad for doing nothing.

A photo from last Sunday, when I took a walk in nice autumn weather.

My home, 081005.

The hall. One week after I had bought the MALM, I finally had it standing in my hall. It was bigger than I had thought, and I feel it’s too big for the space. I’ll try to change the place of it and my “piece of art” (a Marimekko fabric). When I’ve the energy to do it. And some help. But this will be fine for so long.

The TV corner. Still missing a lot. I know. I’ve a curtain rod waiting. G was supposed to help me with it. And some other things. But it looks like it’s not going to happen. Unfortunately. Not only because of the curtain rod… He’s a person I’d like to have in my life. Somewhere. But you can’t force people.

Hunting Season 2008, C1.

My antithesis.

The most interesting date so far. In a Spanish restaurant; drinking Sangria and eating Spanish cheese.
No superficial topics. I rarely analyse myself, as much as I did yesterday evening.

There is a risk that I’m just a challenge. A perfect subject for persons interested in psychology and human behaviour.

Hunting Season 2008, B1.

What: Sunday brunch.

Where: Incontro, a restaurant on the first floor of Hotel Gothia Towers.

Who: A 28 years old skater/seller. I would say that it has almost been a dream since I was 16 to date a skater. That’s when skaters/snowboarders became really popular in my world. This guy didn’t have problems with talking. There wasn’t a quiet second. A good characteristic for a seller, I guess. However, he wasn’t too much. A really positive person. Who seems to like to test people. He had a twinkle in he’s eye all the time. The five hours we spent together passed by really fast. There was no sparkle from the first second, but he’s interesting. Cute and with charisma.

I’ve decided that if a guy is interested, he’ll call me. I’m not going to push myself on them anymore.

Hunting Season 2008, A1.

I managed to only snooze once this morning. That’s a record. It was still dark outside, when I got up at 05:39. I checked all “must” sites on the Internet, took a shower, put mascara on my eyelashes, did my hair, dressed, and brushed my teeth. At 06:36 I locked the door to my flat. With a little bad luck, I had to wait for the tram quite long and wasn’t at work before 07:15. I went to the Internet café at work, and met A1 irl for the first time.

On the photo I’ve seen on him on MSN, he looks like a bodybuilder guy. With huge arms. I don’t actually like that kind of guys. It scares me; in my mind these guys are aggressive. I’ve also learnt that many of these guys tend to think it’s enough to visit the gym, they would never consider manual labour. And who wants a guy like that? Not me, at least. As so many times before, the photo wasn’t to trust. Nothing negative with that. He actually seemed more normal irl, than on the photo. Well trained, but not too much.

I would believe he hasn’t been on too many dates; he seemed a little tense. However, the first impression is that he’s a nice guy and I would go on a second date with him, perhaps he’s even nicer to be around when he’s more comfortable?

Hunting Season 2008, Step 2.


First, A1: Tomorrow around 07:00. Just before taking the stairs up to the office. Never before met the person irl.

Hunting Season 2008, Step 1.

Visit a hairdresser and fresh up the look.

Time To Move The Focus Somewhere Else.

I feel ready to find Mr. Right.

But where should I try to find him?
I wont find him on my sofa… Not before I place him there.

Since I did move recently, I get a lot of offers to different supermarkets, dentists, etc. They all want me to find and choose them. One offer is from a gym. For months I’ve been saying that I should start to do something; swim, go to gym,… Perhaps this could be my chance to actually do it? First I “just” need to buy clothes for the gym. No, I don’t have anything. No shoes. No trousers (can’t go in jeans!). Tops I do have… Not “gym” tops though. I also need to find the money for the membership… However, could gym be a place where to find Mr. Right? Healthy people. At least pretending to be. I’ve never tried or experienced flirting in a gym, and wont have too high hopes. But who knows? Keep all doors open.

One door that I’ve been closing, is the Internet dating. But I think I’ve changed my mind. I’ve met a lot of nice people through that site. I didn’t find Mr. Right, yet, but I think there’s a chance he might be there. Good thing with the site is that I can sit on my sofa and learn to know the person. Cheaper than hanging in the bars. Time saving as well. The site has also helped me to be more active, and learn to know Göteborg better. I wouldn’t have had as social life as I’ve had, if it wasn’t for the site and persons I’ve met through it.

Anybody can recommend me other places where to look for Mr. Right?

There Is Still Hope.

I did meet somebody who stayed in my thoughts.

Last time it did happen, was 1st of March 2008.

When the mind doesn’t control the heart.

Did I say that G was moved to the archives?

He should.
But I can’t do it.
And he doesn’t make it easier for me.

He has a big place in my heart.
Somebody else has to take over that place, before I can get over G.

We still keep in contact. We meet often.
Most of the things are as they were when we were dating. Except for the fact that we aren’t dating.

SAAB -06 vs. Mercedes -86.

I’m a materialist.

My image of a guy is slightly influenced by the car he’s driving.


I should…

I’m a disaster at the moment.

Yesterday I had to go and buy new clothes. Because I didn’t have anything representable clean. And I had a date.

Well. Today I’ve laundry day.
White clothes. After that I’ve to sleep.

The date?
Nothing interesting enough.

G to the archives.

G is different.
Things with G were different.

But it doesn’t matter now, because the right feelings weren’t there.

Now we’ll see if the lack of blogging inspiration was because of G or the nicer weather.