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Hidden Holes.

After a piece of food, I had success with the Strap. It’s up on the wall now. Without the help of a drill. I’ve to be honest and say I’m a little proud of myself. Handy Me.




I’ve found a shoe-rack. It’s a Strap, designed by NL Architects.

I bought it.
I came home with it.
I tried to get it up on the wall.
Now my wall looks like an Emmantal cheese.

I need a drill…

Black and silver, she said.

I’ve found an interesting wall paper.


I’d like to have this wall paper, in black.

But the price…

My home, 081005.

The hall. One week after I had bought the MALM, I finally had it standing in my hall. It was bigger than I had thought, and I feel it’s too big for the space. I’ll try to change the place of it and my “piece of art” (a Marimekko fabric). When I’ve the energy to do it. And some help. But this will be fine for so long.

The TV corner. Still missing a lot. I know. I’ve a curtain rod waiting. G was supposed to help me with it. And some other things. But it looks like it’s not going to happen. Unfortunately. Not only because of the curtain rod… He’s a person I’d like to have in my life. Somewhere. But you can’t force people.

My flat, 080903.

After all the requests. Here it is:

My flat. Before I’ve done anything. Except piling all my things in a corner, and hanging up the shower curtain.


The room.

Panorama of the room, from other side.

Bathroom. So retro.

Kitchen 2008.

Telephone voice.

I got a phone call from the owner (until Monday at least) of my flat to be a few days ago.

He wanted to ask if I was interested to have a washbasin he never had found the time to change, and some tiles and clinkers that had been left over from the kitchen renovation.

He sounds like a really nice guy. On the phone.

I’m exited to meet him in person. To find out if he’s anything like the image I’ve of him.

Stressful Friday Afternoon.

The estate agent* called today.

The “building association” need me to proof that I’m employed. They’ve seen that my income last year was = 0. Not strange, since I was studying. But why didn’t they ask earlier? Why Friday noon, when the papers are supposed to be signed on Monday morning?!?

Finally, after hours, many phone calls, and a few emails, I sent him a copy of my contract. But without any signatures. Let’s see if it’s enough…

I don’t know when I’ll know if it is.

* Young and cute. Njam.

Keys to my home.

I’ve got a letter from my estate agent.

1st of September at 10:00, I’ll be in the same room with the keys to my flat!
1st of September after work, I’ll be moving in!

11 more days.