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Master’s Thesis, Finished.

Today we had our presentation at the company. Afterwards we got to choose a gift from the company’s shop. Now I’m a happy owner of a USB-stick with the company’s logo on it (unfortunately there was a price limit; an “ocean race” jacket would have been nice as well).

Yesterday when writing a cover letter, instead of writing “… soon I’ll have my Master of Science degree in Ergonomic Design and Production engineering…” I wrote “… I’ve a Master of Science degree in Ergonomic Design and Production engineering…”.

My supervisor at the university has to sign a paper, for the report to be published.

I can only wait for the degree certificate to arrive.


Master’s Thesis, Day “111”(100).

The last day.

Left to do:
Presentation at the University, 31/1.
Make the last corrections in the report.
Fill a lot of forms, in order to get the degree certificate.
Presentation at the company, 11/2(?).

Today I’m just going to empty my desk, invite my friends in the “thesis-room” to cake, and search job ads.

Master’s Thesis, Day “103”(100).

The first time I’m at the office this early. 08:11.

Yesterday I moved to my tiny room. Rarely I’m able to sleep very well the first night(s) in a new place. Therefore it wasn’t a problem at all to get up when the alarm rang. 06:30.

It’s a very old house I now live in.
I’m going to smell old house.

Master’s Thesis, Day “99”(100).

“99” since it would have been the 99th day. If I had been writing on my report during the Christmas holiday. Which I didn’t. Not a surprise.

I’ve been busy with the report. And I’ll be next week as well.
The aim is to have the report written in the end of next week. To give my supervisor at the university about one week to read and comment it. And to be able to present the work on 30th or 31st of January. Let’s see if I manage.

The report has to be written in English. And it would be nice if it was without big grammatical errors. And without American/British English mix.
Anybody feels like helping? One chapter. Anybody?

Master’s Thesis, Day 75(100).

I start to see the end.

This week I’ll work a little more on my concepts and prepare questions for the interviews.
Next week I’ll be interviewing people the whole week. To find out what they think about my concepts.
After that. Write the report.

I don’t get stressed too easily. But now I can start to feel a small stress beginning to grow. Have I done enough? Have I come up with any new ideas? Does the company get any help from my work?

Christmas Smörgåsbord.

Today I’m going to attend the company’s (where I’m doing my thesis) Christmas smörgåsbord.

That Swedish companies invite people working for them for Christmas smörgåsbord is an old tradition.

However, this company doesn’t invite (read pay for) anybody else except the ones who are employed by the company. It’s because the company nowadays is owned by Americans. Probably. That’s the reason at least I’ve decided to go for. Americans. They’ve so many strange things going on there, where some persons think Europe is a country.

Security Systems.

I forgot my entrance card and blue keyring at home in the morning.

I’m not independent today. I can’t go from one floor to another without somebody, with a card and keyring, following with me.




Aladdin, A Christmas Ingredient.

I love chocolate. Luckily I am less addicted to chocolate now. Than what I was before.

Yesterday they had a “chocolate tasting” event in one of the shops in the building where I sit during the days. It is a book/paper/present shop. There are many other shops as well. I could buy new glasses here. If I did need glasses. I could have my clothes washed here while I am working. If I was rich. I could buy flowers here. If I would want to. I could eat in a restaurant every day if I wanted to. But I do not. Not every day. I can have my hair cut here. And I do. There are many shops here. I only miss a grocery store. With a grocery store here, they would have everything I need. Almost. On Fridays I would need one more shop. For weekend fun.

I liked the Baileys truffles chocolate. A lot. Tomorrow I will buy one box of those. And eat it during the Christmas holidays. Because that is when you are supposed to eat nice chocolate. In 99% of the Swedish homes you can find an Aladdin (or Paradis, without dark chocolate) chocolate box during the Christmas time. The percentage is from my own, really reliable, studies. I thought that this Christmas we in my family also could have one more fancy alternative. A Baileys truffles chocolate box. Be a little different.


Offices, Parking Lots And The Shipyard.



A rainy day. Through the office window.
(Click photo to see it in full size)

Master’s Thesis, Day 51(100).

A new time plan is done for the remaining 10 weeks.
Not stressed yet. This looks good. 21st of December I am flying to my parents. To spend the Christmas with them. That day I should only have the report to write left.

Today I sent my 4th job application. Product development. In Oslo, Norway.

Master’s Thesis, Day 50(100).


And half-day at work. Tomorrow is a public holiday. Means most of the people go home at lunch time. So will I.

At the moment I am in the concept development phase. I should try to come up with different exciting solutions to the problem.
I do not feel creative at all.

Master’s Thesis, Day 49(100).

Tomorrow I will be half way. Day 50. Of 100.

Already in August I did decide I would start to send job applications around this time.
This week I have sent three.
First one I sent on Monday. To a company in the automotive sector. In Spain.
The second application was sent to a consulting firm here in Gothenburg on Tuesday. Ergonomics/interaction design.
Today I sent the third one. To a research center. In the UK.

The consulting firm did reply. On Wednesday. The day after. Just like a good Swedish company should.
This time they are really looking for somebody with years of experience, they wrote. Yes, they did write that in the job description. But I have been told to apply for the jobs anyway. The description is just the employer’s dream. Of how the perfect employee would be. So I did send my application. They also wrote that they would like to keep my application. To be able to contact me in the future. I have the feeling that is a standard phrase. But anyway. I wrote back and said I would be happy if they did.

Singing in Chorus.

I do not know why I have stereotypes about some things.

One thing is singing in chorus.

C, in our “thesis-room”, told me she had started to sing in a chorus. Church. That was the first word that came up in my mind. And a grey mouse.
That is why I did not dare to say she always could bring some alcohol, when she asked what she could give to the boyfriend of her friend. She was invited to celebrate his birthday, but had only met him once. But my thesis-buddy G did say it.

Now I know she at least is not against alcohol.

The New Girl.

Now I know the name of the new girl in our “thesis-room”. After one week. Or is it already more? Luckily, for me, in Sweden we do not use the names a lot. Not if I compare with what I have experienced with Spaniards. We tend to say Good morning, instead of Good morning X. For example.

She forwarded an email to me. And there it was, just right after From. C. I will not delete the email. Just in case I would have to check her name later again.

Master’s Thesis, Day 36(100).

I feel incredible tired now.
Not in the way that I need to sleep. But my brain does not have more energy.

Might change when I get out of the office. We will see.

The weather today sucks. Once again. Grey and wet. Perhaps that is the reason to the lack of energy?

Or the reason could also be too much information gathering from different data bases on Internet.


There is a new girl in our “thesis-room”.

I do remember where she has been studying. Where she is from. What she is studying. What her thesis is about.
But I do not remember her name.

Why is it always like that? Why is it impossible to learn to listen actively?
You shake hands (here we do it), you say your name, and the other person says her/his name. But for some reason it is so difficult to listen and memorize the name. Does all brain capacity go to remembering my own name, and how the “Hello-I-am-…” procedure is carried out?

Master’s Thesis, Day 34(100).

Today there was no email from the Dane waiting in my mailbox when I arrived to the office.

But it is Friday. Again!
And my new* mobile phone is not telling me that the next time the alarm will ring is 06:45! I have set one alarm to wake me up at that time five days a week, Monday – Friday. Tomorrow there will not be any alarm waking me up!

* Some days ago a guy called me. He told me that I had to change the mobile contract I had. It does not exist anymore he said. He offered me a contract which is more advantageous than the one I had. He was not only offering me a better contract, but also a new phone, a bluetooth earphone and a memory card! So now I am a happy owner of a SonyEricsson K810i (The same as you Alfredo! :)). I know there is a new one out now, but I can not complain. Especially not when I got the phone for free!

Master’s Thesis, Day 33(100).

Today I got to experience problems with the public transportation, for the first time.

Today was the morning I got up early. Have not got up that early for weeks. The darkness makes it harder to leave the bed in the mornings. But this morning I was up before it was daylight outdoors. I felt like being on time at the office. I did neither want to stress. I wanted to wear a cardigan, which I have not decided yet if I will keep. Therefore I did not want to stress, and get warm. In case I would decide to go back with the cardigan. I need to be careful. The cardigan still has the price tag hanging. Fortunately it is on the inside. Would look stupid if I had a price tag hanging in my armpit. Why do I have such a hard time deciding if I like the clothes I buy? Well. That is an own topic.

As you might understand at this moment, my plan did not work out. I was out from my flat early. Walked to the tram stop. Got on one tram when it arrived. When we get to the next stop, we are told the trip can not continue from there! What am I supposed to do now?!? Confusion. Unfortunately we were not a walking distance from the city center. People enough for three buses tried to get on the bus at the bus stop next to where we were left. I decided to follow one group of people, who were walking in the direction of next tram/bus stop. I waited for the bus. The bus came, but passed without stopping. It was impossible to squeeze in more people. I took the decision to continue walking to the next stop. It is a little bigger stop, with trams coming from another direction as well. Luckily that track did not have any problems. Today the trip that normally takes me less than 15 minutes, took about one hour. At least 30 minutes was walking.

Luckily I only had one less-important meeting scheduled. The only meeting this week.

Master’s Thesis, Day 27(100).

Holding my right hand on the mouse, and my finger on the scroll button, while I read a paper placed on the left of the keyboard.
Automatically I try to scroll the paper up when I get closer to the end, instead of moving my head down.

Too many hours in front of computers.

My Desk.


Before the movable office wall changed place.