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I feel home.

I am in Luleå for one day. Have some things I need to do here. A dentist appointment, hairdresser, and I also thought about speaking with some teachers about things that have to do with my thesis.

Since I am in Luleå, I also have access to fast Internet.
I did not realize I missed fast Internet this much… What a difference. Big .pdf documents are downloaded in a millisecond, at my parent’s place I am lucky if it is possible to download… I do not even want to mention in what time…

The autumn is here, it seems. It is raining a lot. And I do mean A LOT. Know the sound of an airplane? That is how it sounds when the rain hits the roof of the university library. Aiih. I still need to go out.





After sitting on the same chair for 10 hours (well.. I did take one break. A few minutes to do the number one), I just could not take more. My brain is high on caffeine from all the tea I have been drinking. I feel like if I look surprised constantly. The muscles in my forehead are tense and my eyes are wide open; also because of the caffeine.
Now my body needs new energy; warm food. After eating and a nap I will continue studying a little. That is the plan at least. I feel quite ok after today but the exam is tomorrow, and I would prefer not to have to do this exam again in August…


Others, they went home before 17:00… Am I the only one having a re-exam?

A Cloudy Day in April.


There are only small piles of snow left. All the tiny stones, that protected us from falling on the icy roads, have been cleaned away. Everything will look grey and sad until the nature wakes up again. I think that is going to happen really soon, and then there will be a explosion of green color.







One more sign of the fact that we are leaving the long cold winter behind us:

it’s raining!

Do not misunderstand me now, I do not like rain. Wet, wet. In a way that I do not like. Wet shoes, wet trouser legs (an umbrella does not help…) and the hair has its own will when the air is too humid.
But today, the rain means spring!

Above zero.

Second day with plus degrees. We are finally in, or at least close to, one of my favourite seasons; the spring.

The warming sunbeam and white snow.
The sound of drops, from the melting snow, hitting the metallic window-ledge.
Some of the nice signs of early spring.

A February day.

A typical February day. The sky is clear, the sun is shining low in the sky and it’s cold.
Take a walk outdoors, but remember to cover your nose with a scarf, and look towards the sun; you’ll see that the air is full of small ice crystals dancing in the air.


Never again.

Due to some error in my brain, I finally went to snowboard yesterday. The temperature had gone up a few degrees during the day. “Feels warmer than yesterday” was the thought during the first minutes outdoors. But after two hours that had totally changed.
We were skiing, some of us more than others, and waiting for the lift and cabin to open. A few minutes before they were supposed to open, a thought came up in my mind. “Maybe they have a cold limit, and they don’t open when it’s too cold.” Correct it was. On a sign I could read that they don’t open if it’s colder than -20 ºC. We were down in -25 ºC at least… For one hour I had been cold and waiting for the cabin to open, so I could go inside and get warm before walking back home. The moment I found out I wouldn’t be able to do it, I felt colder than ever before in my life. I even started to worry for my toes and fingers, which were so cold that it did hurt. Walking back home just wasn’t an option for me. Luckily the taxis exist.

Back to the normal, it was.

-25.6 ºC.

I know these are normal temperatures for the time of the year… But I wanted to try my snowboard today! In -25.6 ºC it wouldn’t be fun, just cold.
Well, let’s be positive. After a few days with temperatures between -20 ºC and -25 ºC everything above those will feel “warm”, or at least more comfortable than before.

Panda eye weather.

The life is back to “normal” again.
Classes, studying a little bit less than I should (but this quarter I’ll try to be a better student than the last one; just to make it easier for me), and spending time with friends.

The days are getting longer again, the normal temperatures are back. No rain nor plus degrees anymore. -20 ºC today. Too cold.
I hope it tomorrow will be a few degrees warmer. I want to take my snowboard out to the slope. I learnt to do slalom skiing when I was four years old, changed to snowboarding at the age of 16 because it was more cool. I learnt the basics in snowboarding before I lost the motivation and placed the board in the garage, where it has been until now. Last year in Spain I went on a skiing trip and felt again that skiing was fun. Now I have a nice opportunity to take up the sport again, so I’ll do a try.

I need to buy a water proof mascara. Normal mascara + cold air that makes your eye lashes freeze = panda eyes when you get indoors.

Dear Sun, I Miss You.

I woke up at 11:00.
After one class and a meal I was tired again. At 16:00.

I need energy. I need more sun light to charge my batteries.

Today the sun went up at 09:45 and down at 13:06. 3h and 21min of daylight.

Storm coming.

Weather forecast for tomorrow: Storm and 20-40 cm snow.

“If not necessary, do not get out on the roads.”




The first snow for the winter is always nice. The landscape gets brighter again after a few weeks of darkness. The few minus degrees turns the cheeks red. The snow make a nice sound under the shoes.

I know I won’t be as positive about the snow and cold in January/February as I’m now. Good if this mood does last for some days.
But there’s nothing to prevent me from being positive today.


At 7 in the morning the temperature was just below zero.
Everything outdoors was covered with a thin layer of ice crystals. A whitish landscape.
The sky was blue and the sun was shining, not high up on the sky as during the summer but half way. The highest it gets at this time of the year.

The air was fresh and I could feel the mild sunbeam warming my face. Birds were singing. Just like in the spring. I love the feeling.