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Not what I asked for.

I want and need spring.
I get this:


Göteborg, 12th of March at 18 o’clock.

I regret that I didn’t take any photos from the picnic with the truck driver. Grilling salmon, on the cliffs at the sea. The feeling of spring.


They say it’s spring now.

On Saturday, 28th of February, I was grilling for the first time this year/winter. On the cliffs at the sea. The sun was warming the air when we got the idea. It did get a little cold in the end. But it was worth it; the salmon was very good! The cup of hot chocolate back home did taste good as well.

Today, the 2nd day in spring, it has been snowing.

Göteborg; Hotel Liseberg Heden.

For about two weeks ago my childhood friends visited me here in Göteborg.

They arrived late on Friday. Since they had been working and travelling for hours, we decided to stay at my place. Drinking wine and chatting. Nice, as always with good friends. We called and made a reservation for a table, for the Saturday brunch at Hotel Liseberg Heden.

That’s where we started on Saturday. We were lucky to get a table at the window. Much nicer than in the middle of everything… The brunch was really good; mini marshmallows with melted chocolate, pancakes, omelets, fruits, brownies and other cakes, salmon sandwiches, hamburgers,… It costs 149 Sek. Eat as much as you can, during 1,5 hours. A normal price for that kind of brunch in Göteborg. The atmosphere was nice; cozy and calm. Families with small children were there at the same time, but the noise level got never too high. The brunch is served in a hotel restaurant, which is designed for the purpose. In comparison to some other brunch places. After the brunch we went shopping, before it was time to go back home and get ready for the first quarter finals of Melodifestivalen. The winner of Melodifestivalen will represent Sweden in the Eurovision song contest. We saw it live in Scandinavium! Normally I’m not too much for this kind of happenings… but this was more fun than I thought it could be. Interesting to see “behind” the TV cameras of this kind of show. When the show was over, we went to have a drink in Heaven 23; a restaurant/bar located on the top floor of Gothia Towers, next to Scandinavium. They are by the way supposed to serve the best shrimp sandwiches in town.

Göteborg: Incontro.

Today I had a brunch date in Incontro, a restaurant on the first floor of Hotel Gothia Towers (Mässans gata 24).

I called them yesterday, to make a reservation. But I was told that they were fully booked, and since the Book Fair is in town there would probably be a lot of people. I got a little disappointed, since I had been looking forward to visit this restaurant. However, we decided to give it a try. And we were lucky! We were there 11:10, almost one hour before they did open the brunch. It was possible to sit in the area with not reserved tables, and wait. But it was almost empty, so we decided to go outside and sit in the sun for a few minutes while waiting for the clock to be 12. Around 11:30 we went back inside, and got to choose between two tables. A few minutes later also the other table was taken. So I guess you have to be there at 11:30 the latest, to get a table.

The brunch is served only on Sundays, and costs 159 Sek. Different kinds of salads, bread, smoothie in shot glasses, sausages, ribs, scrambled eggs, pizza, corn, pancakes, fruits, apple pie, tiramisu, cheeses,… A lot of nice and well prepared food. It’s in a piano bar, so you get to enjoy your food to live music. The tables aren’t squeezed together, and the volume isn’t too high. A really nice, calm, and relaxing Sunday brunch.

Sharging the Batteries.

For the second time in the last two weeks I did read the same recommendation in an evening paper; good weather this weekend, enjoy it because after this the cold weather will come.

And I listen to them. Again.

I took my bike. 10 km later I arrived to the lawn where I’ve been lying the whole summer. Reading a book and listening to the radio, I spent more than 3 hours in the sun.

Is it only me, or does anybody else get tired after a day in the sun?
I came home, cooked dinner (new exciting experiments with ingredients I find in the fridge, don’t want to buy anything now because of the move), tried to continue with the packing (managed to empty one drawer), and had to rest (=sleep) for about two hours.

A sign of life.

I don’t have Internet at home at the moment.
Or I don’t have a computer with wireless Internet, to be correct. Only when I’ve the energy to carry my work laptop with me home. Happens some Fridays. But who sits indoors with the weather we’ve had lately?!

The forecast for this weekend promises 25-30 degrees Celcius! That means more sunbathing! More ice-cream!

Göteborg is so beautiful now. Green, water, and perfect weather.

I’ve bought a bike. I’m so proud of myself! This week I’ve taken the bike to work, instead of the tram, three days! It’s 7km one way.

Tonight I’m at G‘s place. With Internet. But more interesting things to do.

The spring is back!

Yesterday I left my jacket at home when I went for a walk. After about 30 minutes walk I found a bench, and sat on it for one hour. Looking at the people passing, and enjoying the sun.

Grilling on the cliffs next to Göta älv in the afternoon. Hamburgers. The smell of burning charcoal briquettes. Sun. Stena Line ferries on their way to Germany and Denmark. The feeling of summer. Happiness.

April, 2008.

What a weather!


Spring in the air. I took a walk in the park, and enjoyed the nice weather we finally got. After many days with rain. I even could feel the summer. For a short moment. In a place where the wind couldn’t get.



I woke up and was hoping for a sunny day; the curtains were down but I could see it was bright outside. I opened the curtains. And got a surprise.


March, 2008.


You Never Know.

Yesterday evening I decided it was spring, and did put on my summer shoes (think ballerinas and you’re close) when I went out.

When I came back home in the morning, around 03:00, it was snowing/raining. I don’t know what this kind of snow is called in English. It’s snow until it reaches the ground. Then it melts. Not summerish. Not at all.


Göteborg; Bitter.

Today I enjoyed my brunch in a place called Bitter. It’s a restaurant/bar located on Linnégatan 59 (map).

A brunch costs 128 Sek (~14€). Sounds expensive, especially in comparison to the place where I had my brunch last time, but it isn’t. For 128 Sek you get to eat as much as you want. The buffet includes; salmon, eggs, ham, American pancakes, Scandinavian pancakes, bacon, fruits, bread, cheese, brie, scrambled eggs, sausages, vanilla pudding, brownies, salty pies, hamburgers, etc. More than I expect to be included in a brunch! Well. They didn’t have yogurt and muesli. But they had so much other things, to cover that up!

The interior of the restaurant is… typical Swedish restaurant. Nice. The restaurant was full when we were there, but it was easy to keep a conversation. Finished plates were collected away all the time. The service was good.

I don’t know if the brunch is served every day. But on Sundays at least, between 12:00 and 15:00.

Bitter is a place which will be included in my nice-places-to-have-brunch-in list.

February, 2008.


Göteborg; Egg & Milk.

Now I’ve had my first brunch in Gothenburg. In Egg & Milk.

Egg & Milk is a restaurant inspired by the American diners of the 1950s, located on Övre Husargatan 23. They’re open between 7 and 15, and serve breakfast, brunch and lunch every day of the week. The prize of a brunch is 79Sek, about 8.4€. You get a coffee or tea, an egg product (e.g. omelet, pancakes, waffles, or…), a bagel, and a milk/fruit product (e.g. yogurt with passion fruit, yogurt with raspberry jam, fruit salad, or…). The food was good and I got everything I expect to be included in a brunch. We got there around 10:15, and had a few tables to choose between. At 11 o’clock the place was full. And it was difficult to keep a conversation, because of the noise level. The overall impression was good, and I’ll go there again. But first I’ll try some other places. Café Tintin, for example. We went there for a coffee after the brunch. It’s a really cozy place on Engelbrektsgatan 22, and I saw they serve breakfast as well.

Egg & Milk (

About the company. We’ve studied similar subjects, and there’s always a lot to speak about interaction design. So that wasn’t a problem. But he’s not my type. Not at all.

January, 2008 – New view.



My first thunderstorm in Gothenburg.

My first thunderstorm in Sweden. In January.

January, 2008.

We’ve got snow!



I celebrated the last night in Gothenburg, year 2007, with my friend E.

Only seconds before going to get my jacket, I fell on the floor. You know. There’s something wet on the floor, and you just gliiiiide. Don’t you? The result was a wound due to glass on the floor. Luckily(?) there was a man in his 50:es standing just in front of me. And he felt he’s call was to take care of me. I did let him take care of me until we got to the warderobe. There I made it clear for him I had do go home.

At the tram stop I met an immigrant. He had been learning Swedish for seven months. “How come you’re so beautiful? I’ve to ask Allah.” was his line. Sweet. I think. I was impressed of the level of his Swedish. I told him, and his friends, I’d like to know arabic better. I’d like to. Really. But everybody tells me it’s way too difficult. And I believe it’s.

On the tram I met two Swedish guys. One of the guys was doubting he’d made the correct choise, when dumping the girlfriend. In my opinion yes. We talked about that, until the guys went of the tram.

Btw. We were in the bar where I met the Dane. Couldn’t stop thinking of him in the whole night. That bar = the Dane.


Picture “borrowed” from the Dane’s band’s myspace.
The Dane to the right. I still find him hot.

Göteborg; Car Makes In The Traffic.

Volvo is the most common car make in Sweden. With more than the double amount of cars in traffic compared with Volkswagen, the second common car make.
Not a surprise.

What I’d like to know, is the percentage of Volvos in Gothenburg. I’m quite sure Gothenburg has the highest percentage of all cities in Sweden. It seems like every third car here is a Volvo. And most of them are new.

The most popular color for cars in Sweden last year was silver/grey.


Picture from BG Näringsliv.

December, 2007.



Grey and rainy.