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It is only memories.

Yesterday night I got a call from the past.
It was from a person who has given me some of the best memories in my life so far. But also some of the worst. Yet I can not hate this person. I was in love. More deeply than ever before.

Easy comes, easy goes… not this time!

Today I received an e-mail, explaining why the money has appeared on my account.

It’s an extra Erasmus grant!
The money is mine and no one will take it from me!

Such a nice surprise.


It has to be cold outside.
Because what’s coming down from the sky looks more like snow, than rain…

Be sure I’ll be complaining over the cold this winter.

Sharing the small things.

After breaking up with with my ex-boyfriend, I was together with him from the age of 18 to 22, one of the things I missed was someone to tell about the things that had happened during the day. Things that were funny or interesting in some other way, but too small to pick up the phone to call someone and tell about.

When I was child I told my parents about these things. When I grew up I told my friends, whom I spent most of my time awake with, more and more. When I got together with my ex, he was the one I was sharing all the small “happenings” with. It was when I didn’t have him anymore when I realised how nice it’s to have someone to tell about what has happened to you during the day, and how empty it was not to have anyone. I didn’t have any choise, I just had to get used to it. And I did. Perhaps that’s why I don’t mind traveling alone; the worst is to not have anyone to share the memories from the trip with. I’ve never had a need of beeing in the center of attention, maybe that has made it easier for me. I got used to it. Until tonight when I was writing an email to my other ex, I met him when I was in Spain. I realised that during our time together I had got used to share my “happenings” to him, and now I miss it.



I’ve been here for one week now.

It wasn’t hard to get back to the routines. Most of the things are the same as when I left for one year ago.

This is my reality now.
Most of the times an end means a beginning of something new. I’m ready. A new page in my book is waiting to be filled. It isn’t totally blank though. There’re many things and persons from the last pages I want to have close to me. If not with me here every day, then at least in my heart.


Landing in Barcelona for two nights. Staying in a fancy and modern hotel. Aiih. I’m spoiling myself. But what else to do when the price is good?

My day in Barcelona.
The sun was shining and for me it was too hot to do any kind of sightseeing. So I went to IKEA, next to the hotel, and the Swedish Shop there. Was walking around the shop and dreaming of what I will eat when I get home. When I was finished with it, I went to a shopping center. Ate in the first place where I could find a menu in spanish. I came to Spain and learnt the language, why can’t a place in Spain make an effort and give all the information in spanish as well?


I find saying goodbye, to persons that are special to me, hard.
Especially when I don’t know how things will be between us after the goodbye.

I’m too sad to talk a lot.
Now I’ve learnt to write down a few words and give them to the person, if I know there is something I want to be said.
But still there are things I afterwards wish I had done or said in the moment of goodbye. Always.


I will also miss the 24h shop, without door, next to my house.
It’s on my way back home after a night out. Baguette with tortilla, was the choice of tonight.
To know that if I would need something, any day and time during the week, I probably could buy it there is great.

Trasgu. From the Asturian mythology. He is the one with a hole in his hand. He tries to steal things from people, but because of the hole in his hand he drops the things.
I’m sure he does exist, it’s because of him I now and then have to look for things that aren’t where they are supposed to be…
I still remember where I learnt about Trasgu. It was when we were driving down, in a blue Volkswagen van, from the mountains after our “snow trip” in January.

The waves.

After visiting Acuario de Gijón I bought an ice-cream and took the beach walk back home.

That’s something I’ll miss…
Living next to the beach. Walking home and listening to the waves. The fresh air and the sound.

There are always people. Like in the most places of Gijón. The families are having dinners out until 01.00-02.00, that’s when the young people go out and when they go home in the morning, the grandparents are taking their morning walk. During my year here I haven’t felt uncomfortable/afraid once.

Back home.

17th of July.
A person special to me said a few words.
Words that made me feel empty.
When I found myself alone a few minutes later, I took the bus back home and did wish it could take me back the whole way to my family.

The 2nd of August I’ll be with them again.
I met my mother in Greece for almost two months ago. My father, and the rest of my family, I haven’t seen for seven months.