To do 2009; 5.

I’ve been living with myself for a while now, and know myself quite well. Therefore I know that there is a risk the year wont continue in the same way as it has begun.

I’ve a tendency to do sports periodically.

I go to the swimming pool for a week or two. After that I’ve weeks when I don’t have time/I’m ill/some other excuse.

So, my goal is to do sports at least as many times as there are weeks. That is 53 times during 2009. So far I’ve been to the swimming pool seven times. 53 – 7 = 46 times to go.


2 comments so far

  1. João Cunha on

    Lazy… :P)

  2. Pia on


    You don’t know me… This is a very good start ;).
    But, as it looks now, I might be able to reach the target in less than 6 months. In that case… 53 will be 100 or more. However… 53 is the first target!

    38 to go, at the moment! (Salsa once, the rest swimming)

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