Train From Frederikshavn To Aalborg, Denmark.

In Frederikshavn I changed from the ferry to a train.

The train trip from Frederikshavn to Aalborg takes about one hour. On Friday that hour went by fast.
Four guys sat down next to me. Polite as they were, they did offer me a glass of their Estonian wine. Since I am who I am, I do not say no to an offer like that one. From that moment on we were friends. Chatting. Laughing. Taking photos. Changing mail addresses. Who said northern people are hard to make friends with? Not with a little bit of alcohol in the system. I never really understood who they were. One knew Swedish. Three knew Estonian. One knew Spanish. One understood Finnish. All four knew English. I was surprised when they told me they are
all doing their master’s thesis in Gothenburg. Because they looked younger. They behaved like younger people do*. I felt I had found my people. Persons who live similar lives to mine. They sounded quite smart, when they said what they had studied. Nano. Bio.

The guys stayed in Aalborg and went on a Halloween party. I crossed the platform and got on my train to Århus.


Outside the train station, Frederikshavn.
The architecture in Denmark is different compared with Sweden.
Unfortunatelly this is the only photo I took, during the whole trip.

* My own definition.


3 comments so far

  1. Maria i Barcelona on


    Tack för din kommentar på min blogg.
    Och ja, jag blir glad när människor bryr sig om mig och mitt liv.

  2. Pia on

    Hej Maria,

    Tror inte att vi tycker olika.
    Vi hade bara olika synvinkel.

  3. on

    Only a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great design.

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