Continuing with the You know you are from Sweden when group on Facebook…

72. You answer a question with “mhm” and the questioner repeats their question thinking that you didn’t hear or understand. Resulting in you getting annoyed by the fact that they didn’t get that you ment “yes”.

Haha. That has happened me several times. But I don’t say “mhm”. I say “mmm” in order to show that I’ve understood/I agree. And many times the other (foreign) person has repeated what they’ve just said…


Young in the soul.

One of my university friends is pregnant. Unplanned.

42. You find teenage mums shocking and very strange; because you don’t know anyone who had a child before 25 and you thought that was young.

Facebook group “You know you are from Sweden when…”

Well. My friend isn’t teenager. She’s 27. I realize it’s not young, but it feels young. Somehow children seem far away, for my part.

Job applications, week 1.

The goal is to send one job application each day. Doesn’t matter if there are no engineering jobs to apply for.

Finnish speaking administrator
was the title of the position I applied for on Monday. No engineering degree is needed for the job, but I’d get to speak Finnish more often.

After swimming 2 000 m I didn’t have a lot of energy, and decided to apply for a similar job as on Monday. In that way I could use a big part of Mondays personal letter for this job as well. Finnish speaking order receiver. I’d guess that the Monday’s and Tuesday’s applications were for the same position, but through two different recruitment and HR services companies.

Wednesday’s application was for the title Quality controller. That position doesn’t require any engineering degree either, but some technical interest.

Yesterday I applied for a short term (parental leave, so about 6 months) position as “receptionist” (my guess).

Today I’m planning to send an application for an engineering job; working environment. However, I don’t have all the experience they’re looking for. I’ve never educated others about anything. But hey, I don’t have anything to lose!

Today after lunch I’ll call again call the man about the job in the nuclear industry. Just to hear where they are in the process. Last week I got an email saying they planned to start to call for interviews this week. I haven’t heard from them after that. By calling them I want to show them my interest, and find out if I’ve any chance or not.

Not what I asked for.

I want and need spring.
I get this:


Göteborg, 12th of March at 18 o’clock.

I regret that I didn’t take any photos from the picnic with the truck driver. Grilling salmon, on the cliffs at the sea. The feeling of spring.

Could have been worse.

I wasn’t in a hurry.
But somehow I managed to take a pair of normal panties with me, instead of my bikini panties.

Oh well. I don’t think anybody noticed.

København, Denmark; 3-5 of March 2009.

3rd of March.

Exactly one week before, we had decided to get out from Göteborg for a few days. Me and J. The tickets to Barcelona, Spain, etc were too expensive. So we ended up in Copenhagen, Denmark. It takes about 3,5 hours by train, from Göteborg to Copenhagen. We did pay 380 Sek (160 + 220), 33€, for a return ticket. This was the first time I understood how close Copenhagen is!

It was my first time on the  longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe (according to Wikipedia)!

We did stay at a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend’s place (I met him for five minutes for about one year ago in a bar in Madrid, Spain). He did pick up as at the airport (the train stops there as well) and we went to his place to leave the luggage. He left us there, because he had a meeting at 17.30. We changed clothes and headed towards the city centre.


At the metro station we bought a 10-trip card for 130 danish crowns (130 dkk is 17€). The metro tickets can be paid with a credit card or danish coins. It has to be “stamped” in a yellow machine before going downstairs to the metro, and can be used for one hour (when a 2 zone card).

dsc01158Everything was so clean…

In the city centre we took a walk on the famous pedestrian street Strøget. Since we were hungry, to find a restaurant was our priority. We ended up in Mama Rosa (Østergade 57 / Nikolai Plads 24). I did pay about 70 dkk (9€) for a pizza margharita and about 45 crowns (6€) for a glas of red wine.


Our host was ready with his meeting just when we had finished our dinner, so we met up with him and went to a restaurant/bar/café. It’s located on the pedestrian street as well, and called Europa (Amagertorv 1). There we met up with to friends of our host. My bottle of sweet cider did cost 50 dkk (6.7€). Our friend had his dinner there, and the food looked nice. They serve brunch (plates) as well! Quite expensive though (as everything else)… ~170 dkk (22.8€) for a plate…

From Europa we went to a very nice cocktail bar, Ruby (Gammel Strand 10). They have a very long cocktail list; but I’d recommend you to ask the bartender for a recommendation! The cocktails tasted very good. And weren’t too cheap; 99 dkk (13.3€) each.

4th of March.

I spent the day in shops and cafés on Strøget with J. However, I didn’t by anything else than chocolate pralines and jam. J did do some more shopping. I was too cheap to do that.

In the afternoon we went back home and started to prepare the dinner we had promised our host and his friends, in order to thank them for taking care of us. After the dinner we went to a bar downtown. There we met with two friends to one of the guys; two Swedish girls working in Copenhagen. It was a calm bar where we had a drink while chatting. The next bar was more laud and it was time to dance; in The Dubliner. Our friends had told us a lot about a “special” bar called The Moose. A bar where people are allowed to smoke, the alcohol is cheaper and the walls are covered in messages from the guests. We went there, before it was time to start to think about going home . I’ve to say that I’ve a hard time in places where smoking is allowed. That’s after I got used to “clean” bars and nightclubs. Before I didn’t think too much about it, and the smoke didn’t bother me. But now, when I’ve experienced how much nicer it is without the smoke (especially the day after), it annoys me. Well, we had our drinks there and finished the night with a night-sandwich at one of the friend’s place.

dsc01174The Dubliner.

5th of March.

I got up after five hours of sleep and realised that my friend J hadn’t come back home yet. A few hours later, when I just had got in the shower, I heard someone knocking on the door. It was J. She had been outside, trying to get indoors, for a long time (that’s at least how she felt). She had tried to call everybody, but just got to a danish lady saying the numbers were unreachable at the moment. Poor J didn’t grew up at a border to a country. I did; and all the numbers in my telephone book are sawed with the prefixes +46…/+358…/etc. Makes calling abroad much easier. Makes it possible.

J slept on the sofa the whole day. I did watch TV and read my book. At 19:00 it was time to catch the train back home. But before that I enjoyed a dry pizza slice at the airport; for 30 dkk (4€).

2nd job hunting.

Already in the end of 2008 I realized that I might lose my job. The economical crisis did hit the vehicle industry, where my employer had most of it’s customers, hard. That’s why I started to look for other jobs then already.

In the end of December I did send a application to a truck company. I happened to call them exactly the same moment as they were looking at my application. I was one of five who were called for an interview. They chose to hire a person with more experience of polymeric materials.

In February my employer informed us that they were starting the negotiations with the union. I understood that could mean the end was near for me. So I got more serious about the job hunting. I was even ready to take non engineering jobs. I just wanted to have a job.

My second application, in the 2nd job hunting, was sent to a consultancy company. They are looking for people to the nuclear industry. After calling them, I understood I could have a chance thanks to my documentation experience from the assignment during the past year. I’ve sent my application and I’m now waiting for them to start to call for interviews. That should be this week.

To do 2009; 7.

On Thursday I went to the office, and signed a paper.

Yes, I’ve received the information that I’ve been given a notice of lay off due to lack of work.

One more task for 2009; find a new job.

They say it’s spring now.

On Saturday, 28th of February, I was grilling for the first time this year/winter. On the cliffs at the sea. The sun was warming the air when we got the idea. It did get a little cold in the end. But it was worth it; the salmon was very good! The cup of hot chocolate back home did taste good as well.

Today, the 2nd day in spring, it has been snowing.

It’s going to be a little nervous.

I’ve a meeting with my employer today. He said it’s to sign a contract; regarding me staying at home for a lower salary in February. In my opinion he could be a man with a hidden agenda. In that case I’ll let him know what I think about that kind of behaviour. Let’s see. Hopefully I don’t have to.

Hidden Holes.

After a piece of food, I had success with the Strap. It’s up on the wall now. Without the help of a drill. I’ve to be honest and say I’m a little proud of myself. Handy Me.



I’ve found a shoe-rack. It’s a Strap, designed by NL Architects.

I bought it.
I came home with it.
I tried to get it up on the wall.
Now my wall looks like an Emmantal cheese.

I need a drill…


Shrove Tuesday and that means it’s time to eat a Semla.

I’ve eaten the “fake” version, the ones with jam instead of almond paste, because I haven’t liked the paste. But since it’s the year when I’ll try three new things, I decided to give the almond paste a chance. I don’t know if it was because I was starwing… but I did like it!

I know it wasn’t 100% something I’ve never before tried… but in my opinion it counts. I did give something I’ve before rejected a chance. Now I’ve tried one new thing during this year. Well. It’s the second thing actually. I did eat artichoke for the first time a few weeks ago. It was the first time I had the chance to do it, kind of. That was when I was served the most thoughtful dinner ever. These two things should count for one “new”.


Yeap. I start with the lid.
No, it’s not snow outside. Just wet cobblestones.

To do 2009; 6.

I’m sure that many of my friends think that I’m the master of pre-prepared food cooking.

This year I’m going to change that.
No more spice mixes (or less, at least); no more Santa Maria spice mix guacamole (without trace of avocado) but guacamole of avocados. No more unnecessary E numbers. More food from real raw materials.

Göteborg; Hotel Liseberg Heden.

For about two weeks ago my childhood friends visited me here in Göteborg.

They arrived late on Friday. Since they had been working and travelling for hours, we decided to stay at my place. Drinking wine and chatting. Nice, as always with good friends. We called and made a reservation for a table, for the Saturday brunch at Hotel Liseberg Heden.

That’s where we started on Saturday. We were lucky to get a table at the window. Much nicer than in the middle of everything… The brunch was really good; mini marshmallows with melted chocolate, pancakes, omelets, fruits, brownies and other cakes, salmon sandwiches, hamburgers,… It costs 149 Sek. Eat as much as you can, during 1,5 hours. A normal price for that kind of brunch in Göteborg. The atmosphere was nice; cozy and calm. Families with small children were there at the same time, but the noise level got never too high. The brunch is served in a hotel restaurant, which is designed for the purpose. In comparison to some other brunch places. After the brunch we went shopping, before it was time to go back home and get ready for the first quarter finals of Melodifestivalen. The winner of Melodifestivalen will represent Sweden in the Eurovision song contest. We saw it live in Scandinavium! Normally I’m not too much for this kind of happenings… but this was more fun than I thought it could be. Interesting to see “behind” the TV cameras of this kind of show. When the show was over, we went to have a drink in Heaven 23; a restaurant/bar located on the top floor of Gothia Towers, next to Scandinavium. They are by the way supposed to serve the best shrimp sandwiches in town.

I Still Blame The Americans.

My employer is going to start the negotiations with the union.

I realize it’s time for me to start to look for other jobs. Just in case.

A Blank Lottery Ticket, Once Again.

I brought nice wine and strawberry/sweet chili/white wine crisps (seemd so strange that I just had to buy). He didn’t open any of them.

And now we’ve realized “it” was missing. That little special something.

Well. He had cooked an amazing dinner for me, at least.
The most thoughtful dinner I’ve ever been served.

To do 2009; 5.

I’ve been living with myself for a while now, and know myself quite well. Therefore I know that there is a risk the year wont continue in the same way as it has begun.

I’ve a tendency to do sports periodically.

I go to the swimming pool for a week or two. After that I’ve weeks when I don’t have time/I’m ill/some other excuse.

So, my goal is to do sports at least as many times as there are weeks. That is 53 times during 2009. So far I’ve been to the swimming pool seven times. 53 – 7 = 46 times to go.

Who’s life to fantasize about now?

The visits to the swimming pool are getting less entertaining…

Today’s higlight was a man, about 55-60 years old, with a Thailand tan, chewing gum, “running” in his Wet West.

It made me react. But it’s not entertaining. Not at all.

Next week I’ve to visit the swimming pool four times. I’ve tickets that have to be used between 09:00 and 15:00 och weekdays. Next week is my last “vacation” week.

At the swimming pool.

The lady of today:
With blue eyeliner and red lipstick.

Is it so, that pensioners (widows/widowers) use the place to find a new partner?
I can see the advantages; persons with good health and condition (for their age).

However, red lipstick on thin and wrinkled lips at the swimming pool?